Le Petit Jardin de Liloo - Bohemian Raspberry

While I'm saying my goodbyes to Sorrento and heading off to the airport, the lovely and amazingly creative Liloo of Le Petit Jardin de Liloo brings you a beautiful matte EOTD from Sleek's lesser-known but fantastic Bohemian palette (and a little from Circus too).  

Bonjour. My name is Liloo and I love gardens, false eyelashes and colourful makeup. I am very happy to cover for Kat whilst she is on holidays and to offer you a little post about makeup. Like Kat, I am very fond of Sleek Makeup. I am particularly fond of the limited edition Bohemian Palette which offers a delightful and refreshing mix of mattes and shimmery textures.
The makeup look I would like to share with you is very easy and could be achieved with using just the Bohemian Palette. However, I couldn't resist adding one of the most exciting colours of the Sleek Circus Palette (the magnificent shimmery duochrome purple) and Vanilla from Mac, which is my ultimate highlight colour and probably my favourite eyeshadow altogether.

1. Apply your favourite eye primer (I like to use too faced shadow insurance) and apply little dots of Nyx Jumbo Pencil in milk (white) onto the lid. This is to make the colour of the eyeshadow you're going to apply next even more vibrant.

2. Using your favourite blending brush (mine is Mac 217) load your brush with the purpley brown from the Bohemian Palette and apply in the crease of your eye. My eyelids are very droopy so I like to apply my crease colour quite high, as otherwise it disappears in the fold of my lid. Blend. Wipe off excess of colour from brush onto tissue and blend some more.

3. Using a clean brush, apply the pale cream from the Bohemian Palette under your brow and blend it with the outer edge of your crease colour. Don't worry if the pale cream goes into the eyebrow, we've not filled in our eyebrows yet.

4. Apply the pale cream colour with a flat shader brush onto the main lid. The pale cream is not pigmented enough for me, so I swapped it with my favourite eyeshadow in the whole world: Vanilla from Mac. Sorry Sleek.

5. Pick up the dark matte purple from the Bohemian Palette with the tiniest crease brush you have and blend into the crease and 'outer V' area. Apply as much colour as you feel comfortable with. I like to pile it on, personally. I'm sure I was a drag queen in an earlier life. Feel free to extend the purple on the upper lashline if you're feeling adventurous.

6. Apply a white/cream/nude creamy eye pencil on the waterline (I used Skin Glow Pencil from UNE) in a bid to make your eyes appear bigger. Then apply a dark brown eye pencil on the outer half of your lower lashline.

7. Set the creamy brown eye pencil on your lower lashline by applying some duochrome purple from the Circus palette. Apply mascara and or false lashes. I've chosen my favourite: the Eylure 131. Apply black eyeliner to your upper lashline.

And voilà.

Not much else is going on the face, other than 'Cotton Candy’ Cream Puff Matte Lip from Collection 2000, on the lips which I can't get enough of at the moment.

I hope you've enjoyed my look as much as I enjoyed playing again with my Bohemian and Circus palettes.

I see a silhouette (...) will you do the fandango?


  1. Love the look and both palettes :)

  2. Liloo really needs to do more eye tutorials!!! fantastic post xx

  3. Liloo I loved this! You definitely need to do more tutorials!

    A x

  4. Woww've done a great job <3 Love this look!!!!!

  5. Perfect as usual, my dear! :) Love it! xx

  6. Fabulous tutorial, you make it look easy Liloo, and the purple looks gorge on you! x

  7. Yay I love Liloo! Great tutorial and beautiful look :)

  8. Ha ha! I love Liloo, I think she should be in politics or something. I love how she drew the areas of where to place the shadows, I think that's a really cool idea for picture tutorials.

  9. omg that palette is amazing, so is the look but i love those colours! (blog)

  10. One of the finest eye make-up I have ever come across good to see your creativity in this regard literally...the colour combination is really best...Great!

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