New 'fumes

At this very moment there are at least 10 perfumes oxidising on my dressing table, so what do I do? Consume more of course!

So I finally tracked down and went with the Stella bottle you all preferred.  This perfume's been on my list since pretty much the day it was released, but I always thought 'next time' as it seemed like every girl on the tube was doused in it.  I'm so glad to call it my own, even if it did set me back £35 in Boots, when I've seen the same size (but plain) bottle there in the Christmas sales for less than £20. 

Everyone and their dog must be familiar with Stella by now, but for those two of you who aren't, the first thing that hits your nose is rose essence - but a fresh, modern re-tellling which is clean yet alluring.  Stella herself says "I wanted to capture the fragility of the high summer rose when the petals are just about to fall off. It's not about skipping around the country in a frilly skirt on a summer day".

The rose is joined by notes of mandarin, peony and amber.  Although I think of this as a light and refreshing scent, it does linger a good part of the day, and I feel confident wearing this at night.

Next up, I thought it was high time I added a Benefit Crescent Row to my collection.  Something about Sofia passed me by before in favour of Laugh with me Lee Lee, so I can only think that my nose must be maturing!  Sofia comes from the original three CR fragrances which are presented in their own adorable little cardboard houses.  The bottles themselves are like vintage cocktail shakers. 

Sofia is described as an oriental-floral featuring notes of mango, freesia, lily, jasmine, peony, caramel, musk and vanilla.  Whew! It is a very heavy scent, and to be honest, I've not had the most positive reaction to it as it's not to everyone's taste, but if you like heavy, sweet scents, give it a sniff!  When it first hits my skin it's almost citrus, but it dries down to a warming scent where the caramel, jasmine, musk and vanilla really come through.

I paid about £29 for it.

Last but not least, I do love a good old cheap Next fragrance and I own a lot, including their Dior Miss Cherie dupe (link).  

I spotted this recent addition to the range and the bottle of the 100ml reminds me of Michael Kors' 'Hollywood' but inside is a radically different scent.  Next describes it as "a glamorous and sophisticated fragrance with stunning floral and golden amber accords."  

To me it smells a lot like DKNY Delicious Night, another heavy scent.  I'm not completely sold on it, especially not for wearing in public, but I'm one of those odd people who like to spray perfume before going to bed (I have to use up my collection somehow before it goes off!) but I'll be damned if I waste my Dior Hypnotic Poison when this £6.50 gear does the job!

What new 'fumes have you bought recently?


  1. I wish I could write about perfume like this! so fantastically descriptive!

    I love stella perfume, I had the plain bottle a while ago, loved it but never rebought because I'm just so stuck in my ways with perfume.

    I'm hoping to get some new ones this christmas, at the moment I'm wearing D&G The One and JPG Classique.

  2. I love stella perfume. Its amazing.. Love your post :)

  3. Arent the stella bottles just works of art :) so pretty. I love the benefit packaging too its like having a little street on your dressing table if you have a few of them haha :) x

  4. Love thge Stella bottles! I need one in my life i think :)

    Reallllly enjoyed this post!

    Fee x

  5. wow the packagings are so nice.. I'm a such a sucker for good marketing. Super login' the stella one the most!

  6. love the packaging for stella

  7. I love the floral packaging of Stella!

  8. I'm a superfan of Stella fragrance, and the packaging is so cute too!

  9. i dont use many perfumes i tend to stick to one xxx


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