Kat Copies: Miss Dior Cherie

A few years ago I was desperate to get Dior Miss Cherie, but it was almost £50. I loved everything about it, especially the bottle. While on a smelling spree at the Boots perfume counter I picked up Katie Price's 'Stunning' for a joke, and found a great dupe for my Dior favourite! I spent ages going into Boots spraying the original and the imposter on both wrists and sniffing them as they developed over the day, and by the end of my experiments, I found that Stunning lasts longer on my skin.  At the time it was less than half the price of Miss Cherie, it's £18.99 for 30mls at Boots now.

I took this photo a little while ago and have since finished off Miss Cherie which my friend Rachel gave me for my 24th birthday.  I worked my way through a Stunning 50ml bottle and my friend Sinead got me the 30mls for my last birthday. I'm all Miss Cherie'd out at the moment, but if I ever want to repurchase it, I'll go for Stunning.   I get a lot of compliments on Stunning, and of course pass it off as Dior, even though Miss Cherie is widely recognised, no one has ever told the difference!

The perfume is extremely sweet and has notes of mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn, wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli.  Over time it has begun to smell a bit too civet-y for me, but this is a pheromone, so hey!

Next also brought out a dupe, and the bottle is a bit similar to Stunning's.  It's called Diamonds and is only £12 for 100mls.


  1. No way, I also use stunning as a dupe for Dior and I really like it as well!!! Great taste.

  2. Thanks Evelien - there really is no difference, other than it being less than half the price - no one needs to see the bottle haha!


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