Kat Copies: Dolce & Gabanna's The One

Dolce & Gabanna The One is a beautiful perfume, but I've found a near-on bargain price dupe for it; Ted Baker's Divine range at Boots.  My workmate Hayley used to spray this before leaving the office everyday, and as I knew she had the D&G perfume, that's what I thought she was using.  I really couldn't tell the difference and only found out it was TB's body spray when I asked her why she was wasting her nice perfume!  The body spray is £4.95 for 150mls and the same for the 300ml body lotion. The One costs £34.00 for 30mls! Sometimes they even have a 1/3 off the price.  

I'm personally not a huge fan of body sprays as I do like the glamour of apply an expensive perfume from a nice bottle, but I keep this spray in my drawer at work and spritz to give myself a mood lift.  Anyone who forks out money on the D&G body lotion however should seriously think about switching to the Ted Baker one.

The scent is very sweet and more suited to night time, but I wear it during the day also.  It has top notes of mandarin and peach, jasmine at it's heart and supported by base notes of vanilla, amber and musk.  There's also a trace of bergamot, lychee and vetiver.

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