June Favourites

I can't believe June is over already! Only two months of summer left :( This month has been Vampire month for me, with the new True Blood novel release and of course, the Eclipse soundtrack :) But let's get down to the beauty products!

I got this a while ago with one of those Boots £5 off vouchers and started using it properly when the days became sunnier. I absolutely love it! Even though it's SPF 30 it's light and sinks into the skin quickly, acting as a moisturiser, primer and sun block in one. It has a slightly cream/beige colour rather than being the usual stark white that SPF creams can be, but does have a faint sun-block scent. It's my summer essential and I won't leave the house without it on!

i.d bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light

This mineral foundation featured in my May favourites too, but I have to mention it again because I have practically used it every day. In the hot weather it's great for setting liquid foundation in place and I've also been using it alone in the day. With the right brush it gives good coverage - I like to use a pore-filling primer underneath for a smoothest finish. This powder really came through for me when I realised to my horror that it was the only foundation I'd packed for my mini cruise last week! (usually I bring a heavy coverage liquid like MAC Studio Fix as it needs to last from 6pm to 4/5am) However I packed on loads with my Inglot kabuki brush and my skin glowed and was almost flawless. One of the best things about mineral foundation is the lack of tide marks around your jawline/neck - a serious issue for me and my pale skin! The shade 'Fairly Light' is one shade darker than their lightest (Fair) which suits me better, but I got this in a set, and in the summer I can make it work for me.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Flush

This MSF was part of the MAC Pinkzapoppin! set released around Christmas time. I use it as a bronzer and it gives a very light and flattering colour. It's very iridescent and has a pinkish undertone, which suits pale skin much better than your typical orangey brown bronzers. I've used it a lot and barely made a dent in it - definitely good value!
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in 004 Champagne

When I got this foundation for the first time about five years ago I didn't get on with it at all. But after experimenting with different ways of application and the release of an even lighter shade this really works for me when I want to put on a fast, good coverage and oil absorbing foundation on rushed mornings. Of course it's not the greatest for tide marks, but it is easier to blend these away with the mousse formulation than with a thick liquid. Lately I've been applying it with a duo fibre brush and blending any problem areas with a makeup sponge and this method gives a lighter, smoother finish.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

I've had this mascara longer than is probably hygienic, but it's still going strong and hasn't dried out. The brush looks pretty standard but it is a holy grail mascara. Pure black, separates lashes, lengthens and holds the curl well (although the waterproof version would do this better). I paid about £19.50 for it at the time, but it's worth it as I've bought countless lower end brand mascaras since which could never match up. This mascara makes me excited about my lashes!

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

I started using this last year following Lollipop26's recommendation. St. Tropez always seems too orange and expensive for me to bother, but I paid £2.99 for this rip-off on Amazon Marketplace, and it's been one of my discoveries of the year. I no longer have to look like the living dead with my pale, almost blue skin. I only apply it on special occasions or when I'm feeling particularly fat! I've had it on for the most of June. It's best applied with with a tan mitt for no streaking and non-freaky hands. It barely streaks, the colour is natural on me, and it fades quite evenly. However this bottle is about a year old (I did a massive bulk order when I saw how great it was) and I think it must have gone off a bit as it looks darker than normal - time for a new one! The only drawback is that it is drying, but I've found this an issue with all the fake tans I've tried.

I know it's not beauty related, but it's been a big favourite this month!

I got a bit obsessive and read all the previous novels, along with watching the TV series'.  I'm halfway through the latest book and glad to see that Charlaine's writing skills have become slightly more sophisticated.  Don't get me wrong, I love the fictional world she's created, set in the American South and I've been vampire mad ever since Buffy, but as a writer I find her repetitive.  I wish someone more imaginative had the idea for this series.  (And I want more Eric action!)  I feel the same way about Twilight, again I love this series, but wish a less 'cringey' writer had that famous meadow dream.

I really hoped this would be a new favourite, but I'm just not getting into it :(

Continuing with the vampire theme I picked up this album on Monday and have given it a couple of listens.   It won't be replacing the Twilight or New Moon soundtracks on my iPod any time soon.  Not even one song grabs me.  I really expected to love it at first listen.  However I'm reserving final judgement until I've seen the film...
What's your favourite June product?


  1. You can get better coverage with minerals if you make a water/glycerin mix (10 part water 1 part glycerin) and spray a little on your kabuki before the ol' swirly-tap. And I love Hypnose too, I was really dissapointed in it at first but after a few weeks it dried down a tad and I love it now.

  2. I'm popping to Westfield today with the old man's debit card! What primer should I get??

    Also do me a favour.. where u have my button, can you change the code from .jpg to .png? That will make the corners transparent so it looks better!

  3. Sorry, you need to change the name of the button too so where it says 'heels2.jpg' change it to 'heels2-1.png' or just copy the code again!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  4. @Robyn: Thanks for the tip, once I use up my drawer of liquid foundations I'll be sticking with mineral :)

    @Angel: I love the rounded edges, very sleek! Have replaced with the new code. Also you should try the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer - it's a good dupe for the Clarins one and fills in large pores x

  5. Just got back from Boots & Superdrug.. got me some goodies! I got the Loreal one you recommended.. gonna try it out today.

  6. That mascara is absolutely AMAZING..!!

    My June product is definitley Palmers coco butter with added SPF 25

  7. I use St. Moriz as well, you cant find it here in the US so i have to buy it on Amazon, but its been sold out lately....i LOVE that stuff!

  8. @Angel: I hope you like it, I forgot to tell you that Avon do a great one too, the consistency is similar to the L'Oreal one but slightly lighter, which some people might prefer, and it's about 1/2 the price, you can order online or from the catalogue.

    @allmylove: SPF25? That's fab, I used to use Palmers but got bored of the scent and found that it didn't sink in quick enough on rushed mornings!

    @Eye of the Beholder: Oh no! I really hope it's not sold out online as I need another bottle. The only UK stores you can get it in tend to be outside London, or on the outskirts...

  9. I am most probably going to buy the St.Moriz self tanner so I can develop a gradual tan before vacation.
    Lovely and informative post dear!


  10. Kat, no need to order online or with cat. I'm an Avon lady now!! My stuffs arrived today! Yay! I just have to return a form and I'll get my own website and stuff. So you can buy from me! :)

  11. LOL i love vampire stories also!! I have all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire! and i have been naggin my boyfriend to take me to go see twilight. I love my mineralizing skin finish by MAC also! great stuff...i dont see a dent in mine either. Im following ur blog now, visit mine and if you like it follow me! later

  12. Nice Haul- not into the whole Twilight thing though, im still yet to watch the 1st one- I know im slack. hehe. x

  13. I usually get 010 ivory mouse, but am i right in thinking 004 must be lighter - i always look for the 'ivory' word and just get that one - will have to check this out now xxx

  14. Hi Aimee, so did I, but then I noticed they brought out Champagne, and although the number is higher, when lined up in store Champagne is to the far left of Ivory and therefore lighter. Ivory is too yellow for me, although I did own that shade too before they copped on and brought out a lighter colour! Champagne is pretty pale with pink undertones.
    Kat x


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