Marks & Spencer's Make Up Brushes

I popped into the Oxford Circus branch at lunchtime today to pick up a USA socket adapter, and travel accessory section was right next to the make up line, so of course I had to have a little look!  I was happy to see M&S have slightly expanded their range of make up brushes.  Last year I picked up their Autograph eyeshadow brush for £5 and was pleasantly surprised.

Today I picked the Autograph blusher brush over the face brush even though they both felt gorgeously soft.  I'm always on the look out for a blusher brush which is quite small as I just dab colour on the apples of my cheeks.  Some blusher brushes are so huge you can end up looking like a clown if you use a heavy hand!  The one review on the website talks about shedding but I've literally tried to pull out hairs and they won't budge! I'll see what happens after a wash.

The brush looks lovely and the handle is very sleek.  Excellent value too at £7.50.  The eyeshadow one only set me back £5.  They do a set of brushes for £22.50 and I wish I'd waited and just bought that!

The only issue I have with the brushes is that the handles splay out at the bottom, like The Body Shop's brushes.  This makes it difficult to store them in a brush roll for travel and they take up more room in the holder (I use a glass jar for mine).

I'll be heading back to the M&S make up counter soon as I saw some interesting illuminating fluid and a mattifyer I want to try.  I really like some of their skin care, I remember a few years back some products were compared to Clarins.

What do you think of M&S's beauty offerings? Would you recommend any of their perfumes?
Perfect shaped blusher brush


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  2. hi there!! i'm here via nyc island gal's follow back friday!! love the blog. talkin' beauty is always fun. =)

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  3. @Island Gal! Great concept! I took part this morning :)

    @kirsty - your blog looks fab, I've just become a follower!

    Kat x

  4. Thanks for dropping by! Very nice review. Are the brushes soft?

  5. Hey Kat go to my blog and sign up for 'Networked Blogs' (on my sidebar) - it's linked with facebook.. so when u post a blog it gets posted on your fb page and on twitter (if you want). tis good.

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  7. I might try these brushes sometime... but really, I have so many already (but a girl can never have enough!)... Hey you're never too old to be a Twilight fan - I read it a few months ago because I was fed up with not knowing what the ridiculous hype was about and of course now I'm a secret Edward Cullen fan :-) and I am NOT a teenager!

  8. @ natualnchicmakeup - thanks! Yes they are soft but nice and dense too :)

    @ Angel - will do!

    @Stephanie - I must check it out!

    @Cafe Bellini - I don't think I'll ever stop collecting brushes! I justify this as they don't go off like make up can! I'm waiting hard for 9th July - Eclipse time!

  9. All I want is a brush that distributes bronzer evenly and doesn't shed all over my face- is this too much to ask?

  10. It's all about the brush dear. Come round and test drive some of mine. The best bronzer brush I have is a Revlon one I got from Portobello Market light years ago. Sometimes you need to wash a brush a few times to get all the stray hairs out, then it won't shed as much. Might be worth checking out what MAC and Inglot have to offer brush-wise...x


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