Sleek MakeUP Limited Edition Raspberry Souffle Pout Polish

           With Flash                                   Without Flash                       After Patting Off Excess 

Superdrug Westfield was out of these limited edition tinted lip conditioners last weekend, so when I saw they'd restocked on Saturday I had to grab one!   I chose Raspberry Souffle as Lemon Meringue didn't suit me, even though the colour was quite sheer.  I always have one of these little pots in my bag as they double up as a balm and lip colour for me on the go.

I also have
Electro Peach and Pink Cadillac which are gorgeously flattering colours, and my latest one is slightly more vibrant than Pink Cadillac with bluer undertones (good for making teeth appear whiter).  The flavour of this LE Pout Polish is the same as those in the permanent line, it's pleasant, but could be sweeter.  For a more in depth review on what these little pots contain etc., see this post.  For me they are comparable to MAC tinted lip conditioners and have SPF 15, which is great as I tend to get freckles around or even ON my lips if I'm out in very strong sun (see photos!).   It's buildable and very glossy, but I also like the look of a lip stain you can get by patting off the excess with a tissue (above right).  It's also relatively long lasting for a balm.

You can order Raspberry Souffle for £3.99 from
Sleek's website or visit your local Superdrug


  1. looks lovely, i always read your make-up posts because we have the same skin tone so whatever suits you will suit me :) x

  2. Ive got the lemon one but think I might need to getthis one too cos it looks lush on u hun!


  3. Sigh, I wasn't going to go and get either of these...

  4. @Laura - thanks hun, I think you'll really like this blog too: - I find whatever colours she recommends etc., suit me too.

    @Mybutterfly63 - thank you please! It's a really pretty colour, nab one before they get sold out again!

    @Robyn - oops! I hope your wallet doesn't hate me! :O

    Kat x

  5. I thought they would look too wild on but they're not bad at all! This one suits you. Don't know if it would suit me though.. might grab it anyway.

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  6. This looks awesome on your lips. Reminds me of MAC's TLC but glossier version. Thanks for the swatches and review.


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