Superdrug & Boots: Who Only Ever Picks Up One Thing?!

I only went in for handwash and came out with a mini haul...story of my life!  I'm actually a bit glad that I don't live in the US where I'd have a daily battle to resist the lure of behemoths like CVS, Walgreens et al which have massive aisle after aisle of beauty goodies!

I'm actually pretty happy with my handwash find - this Original Source Nourishing Shea Butter & Honey soap smells of vanilla, my all time favourite scent! Makes a nice change from boring old Carex.  The only thing is it's not antibacterial, which as a contact lens wearer I always try to go for.

I was delighted to nab another can of Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo in Brunette as every Boots and Superdrug I've been to in the last few weeks has been sold out - damn festival season!  I like the Blush and Tropical versions but they show up white, so when I'm in a rush in the morning I look a bit grey if it's not rubbed in properly.  I have red hair and the Brunette shade is perfect for me - it blends in without me even having to brush through.  However I've read that people who are Brunette find the colour a bit lacklustre and taupey.  Batiste saves me some sleep on really difficult mornings, but I find it runs out very quickly and is a bit steep at £2.99 a can.

I sold out to my love of Cheryl Cole and bought the mini can of Elnett hairspray with her mug on it - hey, I needed a can that could fit in my tiny suitcase for my
work cruise!  I'm usually a haircare product whore, but since finding Elnett, this is all I use.  The only thing they could improve is the cloying scent.

I almost broke my bag lugging home the two ginormous tubs of
Vitamin E All Over Body Cream (475mls), but at £4.00 for both how could I resist?!  I'm a fan of the Superdrug Vitamin E range - I think I own practically everything from it.  This body cream is great as it doesn't have much of a scent, you can slap on loads and it sinks in very quickly.  I'm a fan of tubs as opposed to tubes as they're less fiddly and you can get the job done quicker.

The last item, from Boots, is the Prestige SunFlower Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Terra (the lighter shade of two).  I resisted this for a year but finally caved after a long, failed search for NYC's Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny which is apparently wonderful on pale skin.  I have a tempestuous relationship with bronzer as I don't tan naturally and can very easily end up looking muddy and/or orange.  This bronzer does look scarily dark, but I will use a light hand and a fan brush, or at least a very sparse brush.  The star is very glittery, which may work out as a nice highlight, but the main part of the product looks pretty matte, with only a light sheen to it.  Fingers crossed it works on my pale skin, I shall return with a review once tested!

This is a terribly long post for only a few items! Well done if you've made it this far!

Are you a Batiste fan? Have you tried any Prestige cosmetics?


  1. Hows the bronzer? And the oversized tubs any good? I still love the Primark body butters! I'm still using Coconut, I have the Pineapple but too scared to use it! The scent is so sweet it's like a magnet for bugs n bees! Will use it in the winter to feel more summery in the cold months!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  2. I still need to try the bronzer, but I'll let you know when I do! The huge tubs encourage me to moisturise more thoroughly as there's no danger of them running out soon! I have a passionfruit body butter from Primark which is lush, but I find it can be a bit chalky on the skin...

  3. Whenever i go to a grocery store, I always end up with at least 5 items too!!! lol

    I've been dying to try the dry shampoo!

  4. Nice haul :D Happens often to me too.. Go to a shop to buy ONE thing, and end up buying... well, few other things too XD x

  5. The worst is when you go in without knowing what you want, I practically buy the whole shop then!


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