Primark Mini Haul

I headed to the Hammersmith Primark at the weekend in search of the 'mini sactchel' tan bag but they were out, so it's the Oxford Street branch next.  That place is a vision of hell after work, but I REALLY want the bag!  I've never been able to leave Primark without buying one piece of tat or another, but I was pretty restrained this time...
This smells divine and is more glossy than creamy.  I prefer to use it on it's own rather than as a balm as it wouldn't help lipstick stay on.  However, a bargain at £1!  

I expected this mascara to be useless but picked it up anyway as I don't have any in a squishy tube. Eyeko have a similarly packaged mascara but I never got to try it before Superdrug discontinued the line.  I think all mascaras should be in squishy tubes as loads gets wasted stuck to the side of a hard tube, like Urban Decay's Primer Potion. The brush is small compared to the trend towards giant brushes in the last couple of years.  The the formulation feels a bit dry and therefore starts to clump after the 2nd coat.  However it holds the curl amazingly and actually looks better in real life than in the photos.  The pictures were taken without any other makeup on to show the full effect of the mascara.  I don't mind a bit of clumping when I've got eye shadow and liner on as long as my lashes look long and full.  It was a bargain at £2.

This facial exfoliating sponge looks exactly like the Boots No7 version (£3.50) but only cost £1 for a pack of two.  I have the No7 one and remember paying something like £7 for it!  A bit of a rip off as it's very harsh on the skin and I only use it once a month if I feel my skin is very clogged.  Don't use it before going out as it makes you quite red!  Surprisingly the Primark copy is much better - it's slightly softer and therefore I don't feel like I'm scrubbing off three layers of skin, but it still exfoliates and refreshes your complexion.

My other £2 bargain was this pretty brooch.  I love still love bows even though they've been done to death on the high street.  I suppose the diamantes will fall out in a week, but there are so many the bling factor will still be high even with a few down! I'll stick it in a sweater for work or one of my light macs.

And finally, my ultimate tat find was this cute kitten matching mug and coaster set - again, £2!  I already have a tea tree of cat mugs, but you can never have enough.  I'm moving in the with the man soon and will bring this cutey with me...I can't leave my mum AND take the cat mugs with me!  Now, I'm off to look for that bag...
What's been your best Primark tat find recently?


  1. Great haul! Im liking the look of the mascara! Might see bout getting one

    Lisa xx

  2. i just bought a really pretty necklace from primark its a flowery one its on my blog :) - ooo i like the brooch you got very pretty :) xx

  3. @ Lisa - It's much better than more expensive ones I've tried!

    @Jade - I spied that pretty necklace on your blog yesterday, this afternoon I found some really pretty flower stud earrings that would match the necklace...will post some snaps in a bit.

  4. Have you ever tried primark eyeliners? I was sceptical but my friend uses them so i picked up a few for a stupid price like 50p for two. They are amazingly creamy and the staying power aint bad either! The have quite a few fun colours that I plan to put to use over the summer :)

  5. Hey Anthea, I haven't yet - are they in pots or like an inkwell with an applicator? I am an e/l obsessive so that's another thing for the wishlist! Which Primark did you see them in as I haven't come across them in Hammersmith or Oxford Street...

  6. Not a bad mascara for £2 by the looks of it! I got some diamante lashes and thier Benefit 10 dupe the other day... liking it thus far. Still prefer 10 but ironically its 10 times less! And I love their metallic liners too!

  7. I have the 10 dupe but I find it quite orange on me, so not a huge fan. I want to try their brow kit but it's bit massive and I have so many already!

  8. @Kat- I got them in the Kingston branch but I can't imagine that they don't have them in other stores as my friend got hers in peckham! Having said that it was a while ago so possibly discontinued? I havent checked in a while. Theyre pencils btw

  9. Thanks Anthea, I must have a look this weekend...ah, the siren call of Primark :)

  10. loving your haul on primark makeup...we all need to save a few quid here and there...will defo be making some purchases now, many thanksx


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