Free Benefit Makeup with Glamour Mag!

I know these came out last week but I've had such a mission tracking down all three free products and finally today got my hands on BAD gal, well two of them!

I already use eyebright and it's great and I'm very excited to try out it stick and BAD gal.

I think the big newsagents - WH Smtih and the likes - got a new batch today as they've been out all week. I had some luck with small, quiet newsagents for the first two products, but you'll have more luck with the biggies this weekend as they get the deliveries first.

So I've been lucky enough to pick up two of each - a set will feature in a future giveaway :)

My beauties:

Did you get lucky with Glamour this month?


  1. I was pretty pleased with the it stick - used Eye Bright before and really like it under the brow. Skipped out on Bad Gal because nothing comes close to my Urban Decay!

  2. i love the it stick is defo the best out of the 3 xx

  3. I'm not lucky enough to live in UK :(

  4. I cant find glamour anywhere. Their all sold out :( i'm not happy! lol. I really want the IT stick and the eye bright. Fingers crossed i find it!! x

  5. I haven't had a chance to try out the It Stick yet but your recommendations make me want to pick up a few more now! Eye Bright under the eye is great but I like High Brow for that too as it's not as pink. WH Smith in Charring Cross had them all in again on Friday x

  6. Not to worry Justin! I'll be giving away a set of the products in a competition for my lovely followers soon!

    Kat x

  7. I only managed to find the Bad Gal but I guess that's better than nothing it smudges amazingly!


  8. just a tad jealous lol

  9. I should have got the bloody Eye Bright as well as bad GAL that day!! Crap. Why didn't you tell me to get both!! I blame you woman! Used bad GAL the other day though, it's great.. stays on all day. I did a thick line and blended it out to make a subtle smoky eye. Tis good. If you see more of the others by any chance grab em for me!! x


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