Lip Plumping Rave: Miss Groovy Lip Poison

Despite posting some half decent lip shots on here, I am actually a lip-less wonder.  Or was until I discovered Miss Groovy's Lip Poison...

That was a few years ago, and at the time, it was a revelation for me and actually helped me get over my obsession with hating my lips.  I never really bothered with lipstick or gloss back then as I figured there was no point in emphasising a rubbish feature.  I concentrated on my eyes instead.  Obsession over, my poor tube of Lip Poison languished in my 'lip drawer' until last night, when I wanted to see some Angelina Jolie pout action.

Here are the results...

Before application: 

I'd say that on someone with average sized lips the product would have a more dramatic effect, but the poor old Lip Poison didn't really have much to work with on me!

After application:

Considering that when I wake up my lips are normally as dry as Gandhi's slipper, I was pretty happy with the non-dry and noticeably (to me) plumper than normal effect.   Also, I remember the product stinging a lot more when the tube was fresh, so the effect back then was even more noticable.  If you check the company website you'll see some dodgy photoshopped photos of lips - I don't know why they did this as it would put most people off buying, and moreover, the product works so they should have just shown realistic photos.

The next morning:

You can order Miss Groovy Lip Poison online for £12.99.  The price isn't bad considering the cost of others on the market, like Two Faced's Lip Injection, which I've found to be quite useless.  I've also tried Sally Hanson Lip Inflation - equally useless.  They both make your lips tingle, which is a nice sensation, but don't do much more than a regular gloss for making lips look plumper.

One drawback of the Lip Poison is that it makes your lips seriously sting, personally I don't mind that as I feel like it's doing something, but bear this in mind if you're quite sensitive.  It also makes your lips very red (all that blood plumping them up!) so it might not work well if you want to create a nude lip look. However the formula isn't sloppy so you can layer other products over it once the plumping action is complete.

Lip Poison isn't purely an on-demand plumper - it's also marketed as an actual lip treatment whereby if you slap it on each night for 30 days you should notice your lips getting larger over time.  I'm not so sure on this one, I didn't try it as I don't have the patience or memory to commit to something for 30 days, plus I didn't want to use the tube up too quickly.  Needn't have worried about that!

What's your holy grail lip plumper? Is there something else out there that actually works other than collagen injections?!


  1. Dry as Ghandi's slipper! lol That made me laugh! :)

    I've tried quite a few lip plumpers and am currently using Too Faced lip injection extreme...which does the trick but is a bit expensive. I might give this one a go when it runs out.

  2. Yea, dry as Ghandi's slipper brought back a few memories.. what was that joke someone said at Beauty Bar, LA??

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