Saturday Morning Market Dash 2 - Bourjois, Elizabeth Arden, MAC Bargains!

I hit up Portobello Market again the Saturday before last and hauled another batch of bargains.  I've had a good opportunity to try out most the products and honourable mention must be given to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 51.  This foundation has been on my wishlist for a few months now after I tested it in Superdrug and knew the colour would suit me perfectly.  Some of the delicious-sounding ingredients include Apricot (for radiance), Melon (for hydration), Apple (anti-oxidant) and Ginger (for energy).

Wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix in 51

It only cost £5 - half the shop price.  The coverage is not very heavy, but it gives your face a natural looking glow so it just looks like you have good skin, not that you are caked in slap.  However if you are determined to cover up freckles or looking for blemish coverage, you may prefer something heavier.  I hardly ever wear the same foundation two days in a row, but I've been wearing Bourjois everyday since I got it, even for going out at night.  It's my perfect summer foundation and I find it applies best with clean fingers.

I am also delighted with the shade (51 - the lightest in the range) which blends in well to my pale skin and doesn't leave a tide mark around the jaw or hairline.  I haven't tried any other Bourjois liquid foundations but now I'm tempted to.  Healthy Mix feels heavenly on your skin but its claim to give your a 'perfectly glowing complexion & toned skin' for 16 hours is a bit overstated - at best it last on my oily skin during this humid weather for about 4-5 hours, probably longer in winter.  It also has that lovely 'Bourjois' scent - although not everyone is keen on scented cosmetics.

I picked up this finishing powder as I hoped it will work out something like Benefit's Georgia box powder.  I have to admit I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet, but it comes out very dark on the sponge, so I will only use it to set liquid foundation with a large, fluffy face brush.  I'll let you know how I get on.  It cost £3.

I've owned a tube of Eight Hour Cream for about three years now and it's not even half finished.  I was saving it for a while as it's quite pricey, but now I use it on my lips before bed and also on any seriously dry patches of skin (my calves) and it's great.  It really isn't a cream but more of a gel/thick serum and has a very medicinal smell.  It's also great to use on dehydrating long-haul flights as it's such an all-rounder - it can be used to keep eyebrows in place, soften cuticles, heal minor burns.  Funny story actually - I had a disastrous spray tan a couple of years back and my face reacted badly to the moisturiser I used (can't remember which one now) but the only thing that calmed down my inflamed face was the Eight Hour Cream -  it was very greasy though!

I paid £8 for this cute retro jar - I know it's not as sanitary as a tube, but it's a lot more convenient in a jar.  It costs about £16 in the shops, but I found the 1980s jar edition for £4.99 at
this website.  Can't vouch for it's reputability though!

My last find was a MAC eyeshadow in 'Woodwinked' - another wishlist item ticked off! Again I haven't had used it enough to give a proper review on it, but I can tell it's a great all over lid colour or will work nicely to darken the crease if I use a pale shade on my lids.

MAC Woodwinked

I only need one more eyeshadow to complete my MAC pro palette - YAY!  I got these little white labels in a £1 shop as I'm a saddo and like to know the name of the shadow I'm using :)  If I was really sad though I would have printed the labels out - I thought about it!  I love my neutrals! I do like bright eyeshadows but prefer to get these from Urban Decay and Ingot as they do them best, while MAC excel at pretty, multifaceted neutrals.  My current favourite is Shale, in the crease.

also picked up another Saffron 48 eyeshadow palette to give away as part of a give-away coming very soon!
Click here to see my first haul from Portobello.

Have you tried any Bourjois foundations? Would you recommend any others than the Healthy Mix?  Which MAC eyeshadow should complete my first palette?


  1. That foundation looks lovely on you and Woodwinked is one of my favorite Mac e/s :) Good buys!

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to using it more come Autumn, I tend to go for bright-ish eyeshadows during summer :)

  3. ooh what a to die for palette! && the foundation looks fab on your skin, love it! xo

  4. love your eye shadow palette!


  5. Don't talk to me about labelling shit. I'm getting a MAC pro pallet and you know I'ma be using my label maker!! Do you think the foundation would be good for me? My skin in clearing up nicely now because of the water I've been drinking so I want something lightweight. I'll try out the colours in store and when you go to the market stall maybe you could grab me one. I should come with you one day!

    Oh yeah, Miss Groovy Lip Poison.. should I get it? Wanna get plumped up for the wedding!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  6. You don't even look like your wearing any foundation at all, your skin just looks naturally flawless, lucky girl lol.
    btw, you've won an award, check out my blog :)

  7. Your skin looks totally flawless. Congrats on filling up the MAC pro palette.

  8. @girlinthecity - I think if you can get away with it you can use the foundation as a moisturiser and coverage in one as it's so hydrating...I think my last MAC shadow will be Retrospeck :)) x

    @E - thanks! x

    @daving diva - thanks! x

    @Angel - Oh yea you and the label maker! And you don't even need it as you have such lovely handwriting! I really love the foundation, but it gives you very glowy skin - which sometimes can come off as shiny - so I would try it on your whole face from the shop tester first and walk around for a few hours! You need to come on a Portobello swoop with me one Saturday morning okay? Miss Groovy is good, it'll make your lips massive, but very red, so if you're going for a neutral lip colour it may not be the best for your big day! But you can try it as a treatment in the lead up to it x

    @Grace - Thanks hun, it's all about the foundation - my skin is far from flawless hehe! Thanks a million for the blog award - this is so exciting - my first award! It's very pretty, will do a wee post about it soon, hopefully tonight! x

    @Kirstie - thanks! x

  9. Yeah was gonna try using it for a month now.. just to see what happens, and if I like it then I'll use it before the wedding.

    Is this geeza around during the weekdays? Are you going this Saturday? I wanna get some of those £5 MAC eye shadows. It's like bloody 2 for 1! Still need to get the palette, does he do them or am I gonna have to pay full price?? Booooo!

    My blog is slow on the comments at the mo, go gimmie some luv woman! xxx

    High Heels & Lipgloss

  10. Yes good plan. The guy used to be there on just Saturdays and sometimes Fridays, but last week I saw he was doing a couple of weekdays - I have his card so I can always check with him what day he's holding a stall. He doesn't sell the palettes but MAC sell them for £10, not too bad considering what they charge for other things!
    I gave you some bloggie award loving...MWAH!!

    Could you email me that coding we were talking about the other day - you know the one where you can add a link to a post to a photo - need to get this sorted before I launch my give away! Wooo! xxx

  11. I looooove bourjois healthy mix foundation! Even though none of the shades match me, it's still the best foundation I have ever used. It's definitely the best bourjois foundation in my opinion :) It also lasts on my skin about 8+ hours! But I have dry/normal skin. :)

  12. Add a link to a post to a photo? Huh? Lemmie see I think I have something saved from when you were here.

  13. I dunno what I'm looking for.. what was it exactly? I'll just write up the code again but I can't remember what you wanted x

  14. where abouts in the market is this particular stall?? isit near the grain shop??

  15. I've seen the stall pop up all over the place! If you walk the section between Coffee Republic and where Portobello Rd intersects Golborne Rd you should find him, although he's not there every Saturday. I've also seen him outside the Punkyfish shop (near Tesco) on occasion. Good luck!

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