Update: MAC's Disney Venomous Villians Collection Coming Sept. 2010

You've probably already seen this picture, but I just had to post it as I am waiting for this collection like it's Christmas!

News first broke of the collection back on 18th May and late last week the official packaging was revealed - it's very similar to the photos which surfaced a couple of weeks ago.

To watch MAC's promotional video for the collection c
lick here.  For more info on the collection check out Kim Porter's blog.

The previous leaked shots featured Ursula from The Little Mermaid, but sadly it looks as though she won't be part of the collection...looks like I'll go for the Evil Queen (Snow White)...or actually, just wait until I see the colours on offer!

Have you come across any other shots of this collection?


  1. I'm sooooo disappointed with the packaging! I thought that they'd be all cool and sketchy... kind of like the images in the video. However, if thats a purple MSF I'm still gonna get it!

  2. I wonder if these are stickers on top of the packaging like with Fafi. I hope not. xx

  3. I'm pretty excited to see what this collection is going to look like on the site and in person! So often the preview pictures are wrong, like with the Prêt-à-Papier collection preview. The brown packaging looked adorable and then come to find out it was all in the basic black. :( I still have hope for this collection for now! :D

  4. @Robyn - yes MAC haven't been very arty or tarted up the packaging much :( They should have made the images more interesting rather than slapping on the cartoon straight up! After it's not aimed at kids!
    @Ansa - hmm, they look pretty stickery to me! Hopefully some more shots will be released soon.
    @Wendy - I agree about the PaP collection packaging - when it came out it was a bit disappointing!

    All that said, roll on September 2010!


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