MAC Hang Loose Mineralize Blush - I caved!

I thought I was done once I got my hands on Petticoat MSF, but having seen swatches of Hang Loose I lemmed it, and relented today.  And of course, I finally swatched Jazzed, instantly fell in love, and then saw the 'Sold Out' sticker.  Damn.  It's sold out online too, so I am going to try the MAC near Carnaby St at lunch tomorrow.

Anyway, I love Hang Loose, it's beautiful, but I do hate spoiling it by mixing the lilac and pink together, but it's the only way to create a wearable colour.  I want to try the lilac on my lids, and see how the pink works as a cheek highlight on its own.

The last MAC Mineralize blush I got was Gentle, and I remember it being £16, so I was a bit miffed that Hang Loose was £17.50!  Definitely not the difference between 15% and 17.5% VAT! Grrrrr.  Is it just me or do you find MAC staff (esp. Westfield's) rude and more to the point, unknowledge-able? (is that a word?!).  Today the sales girl give me a confused/dirty look when I asked for Hang Loose blush - hello?! In The Groove is a major collection which most beauty addicts are familiar with!  For some reason I always end up going to MAC when I'm not wearing much slap, and the 'artists' are always a bit sniffy with me and adopt a sort of 'what are you doing in here' attitude - trying to get served or test something on your face is like running the gauntlet!  And don't even get me started on their colour matching 'skills'. Heh.  And breathe.


Colours mixed together                       Lilac on it's own                               Pink on it's own

Did you manage to pick up Jazzed?!


  1. yay for Hang Loose! It is a gorgeous blush that doesn't get attention as much as Stereo Rose. Enjoy your new goodie. And yes...some MAC SA can be very rude and ignorant on the latest collections.

  2. So glad you got Hang Loose! It's definitely become my favorite item from the collection. It's just so gorgeous on the cheeks. :)

    MAC staff can definitely be rude. However, I've learned to just be rude back if need be. Then, I find the nice workers in the store and run to them. Just because you work at a MAC does not mean that you own the world. Silly people!

  3. It looks great indeed, lovely colors for your cheeks, congrats. I hope you find the other one you're looking for!

  4. Lovely photos!! The colors are fabulous. I really like this blog! Amazing.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  5. I've been using Hang Loose every day now since I got it - it's a perfect cheek colour - c'est love :)
    Thanks for the kind words Zabrinah, your website is very interesting - I just became a follower :)


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