It's in the Bag! Dorothy Perkins Premium Collection

Sorry for the cheesy title.  It's just because I don't have a name for this bag as it doesn't say it on the label and I can't find it on the internet at all!  However there are a few lurking around DP shops.  I saw  this bag in Westfield (I don't live there, promise!) on Sunday and fell in love straight away! However both bags in the shop had broken clasps, so I picked it up from the Oxford Circus branch before work on Monday.

To me it's like a stylish, feminine, mini-briefcase and I used it today for work.  I normally carry a shedload around in my Longchamp, but had to cut down to the bare essentials - latest True Blood novel, notebook, wallet, umbrella, oyster card, keys, antibac gel and lippie!

The one thing I'm not keen on are the blingin' gold chains which attach the handle to the bag - you can't really see them well in the photo.  I sound like the ghost of Christmas past (or one of them!) but at least people hear me coming up behind them when I'm steamrollering down Oxford Street (I HATE fact, I may use the chain to donk them on the head in future!).

This bag
is similar to it, but not the same.  My one was £35.  My other favourite bag comes from DP too, it's one of those Chanelesque black quilted shoulder bags. 


  1. Gorgeous bag! It's so you! I'm off to Lanzarote tomorrow. Talim's passport arrived this morning so we booked it!

  2. OMG! Exiciting! Was it a lastminute deal? I booked Prague for end of August with mum. I hope Kev books somewhere for our anniv. but I'm not holding my breath!

  3. Yeah just over £500 for 7 nights + flight by the seaside for all of us :)

  4. Thanks! I wore it to work again today and felt like I was in Working Girl/9-5 :) Sad I know, haha!


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