NOTD: Rimmel PRO Coral Romance

I normally wear this shade on my toes as it's not completely office-friendly (especially not when chipped), and it looks fabulous with a bit of (fake) tan and gold sandals.  But I won't subject you to that, so here it is on my fingernails!
Without Flash

Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the colour 100% accurately, as it actually has a bit of a pinkish undertone which makes this a flattering coral for pale skin.  I needed two coats to get the above effect - you can still see the white bits (scientific name) of my nail underneath so I really needed three coats but didn't have the patience!

With Flash

The Rimmel 'PRO' polish line is different in a few ways - the bottles are slightly larger that their other ranges, the consistency of the polish is very smooth and the brush is quite large - I have narrow nails so I could feasibly paint a nail in one swoop, but what actually happens is that I go over my first stroke and try to do the classic centre-side-side application and go over the edges, onto skin! (see snap with flash :s)

Despite having a respectably large collection of nail polish I don't own any OPI, Essie, China Glaze, other premium varnish brands, etc.  What would you recommend for my first office-friendly OPI purchase? 


  1. I love those RImmel nailpolishes, I have quite a few myself, I think they're great quality for the price and the colors are gorgeous!

    My OPI-office-friendly colors are Dulce De Leche (opaque mauve) and Tutti Frutti Tonga (sheer peach). Although I wear what I want at the office, even blue, lol.

  2. I love Rimmel, all my polishes are from there and I always have such a hard time deciding which colours to wear! Like today.. I've narrowed it down to 5. This is why my fingers and toes never match, I just wanna wear all the colours!

    Angel x
    High Heels & Lipgloss

  3. that's cool, as you might know I normally go for pink nail polish;) But I'm thinking about trying red!

  4. hi new subbie do maintain your nails.. as in prevent from chipping.. ive pretty much tried everything.. no success.

  5. I would highly recommend checking out OPI You Don't Know Jacque. It is a gorgeous beige taupe color that's fitting for the office.


  7. Thanks for the OPI recommends ladies...I must try to find a discount seller, maybe on eBay? Dulce De Leche looks right up my street :)

    @Simarjit - thanks for the sub, I find that bright coloured nail polish always gives the appearance of chipping before a neutral shade would, but I always try to apply an undercoat of nail brightening or clear polish, then a couple coats of colour, sometimes use a nail drying oil (like No7's but I want to try Seche Vite) and always put at least one coat of clear over the lot. I normally do my nails in front of a long TV programme as it's good to wait about 10 minutes between each coat to avoid smudging! When the chipping starts I'm a bit lazy and rather than remove it all and redo, I just paint the tips and go over with another coat of clear!

    Thanks for all your comments guys :)

    Kat xoxo

  8. P.S. You Don't Know Jacques is right up my street too, so thanks for the recommendation! x

  9. It's the same colours in both of the pictures? Wow it looks so different with and without flash :D Very nice colour! x

  10. @ Jonna - my camera is quite weird - it even looks a different colour when photographed in daylight! The real colour is something in between the two photos posted x


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