Saturday Morning Market Dash - MAC Bargains!

Living in London, I'm not near any CCOs (Cosmetics Company Outlets), but I live next to Portobello market and in the last year I've picked up a few Benefit and MAC cosmetics there.  There used to be one guy - I call him Benefit Man - whose stall I was addicted to!  I never asked him where he got the stuff but I was pretty sure they weren't fakes.  The only one that seemed dodgy to me was a bottle of Posie Tint which had a slightly larger cap than my shop-bought High Beam.  Anyway, he went off the radar last autumn.

This morning I found another stall selling Benefit, Stilla and most MAC, plus some other premium brands.  The stall owner said MAC destroy unsold cosmetics, and so I guess someone intercepts this!   I picked up a few things I've wanted for a while; Dame blush and Twinks and Sketch eyeshadows.  My impulse buys were the lipglasses and Star Violet eyeshadow - which I think is actually my favourite of the three!  I've never bothered with MAC lipglosses before as £12 is over the top for something I'm not that into.

So anyway, here's the haul...


I've wanted Dame blush for ages, and it really is a perfect pink for my pale skin.  It has tiny BLUE sparkles, but they only add a nice iridescence to my cheeks.  I got it for £8.

The pro pan eyeshadows were £5 each - I only need two more to complete my 12 pan palette!

The lipglasses were £7.50 each.  They are very pretty colours and quite long lasting, but I do find the lipglass formula stickier than I like.  They are both pretty sheer, and Nymphette is the most interesting with its goldy-green shimmer.

So I'm very happy with my bargain MAC haul, most of the bits were at least half the price of what they are in the shop - but this is all I think they're worth really!  I'll be keeping my eye out for more pro pan eyeshadows!

My bargain of the day was actually this 40 eyeshadow palette by a brand I've never heard of  - Saffron London - for £2!

I thought the pigmentation would be awful, but for £2 I couldn't say no.   Well, I got home and swatched them and the pigmentation is fabulous! Granted they are a bit chunky and flaky and some are quite glittery, but some of the colours are absolutely gorgeous!  They apply best with a sponge applicator.  The one that comes with them is a bit rubbish, but I have a couple of great ones from Urban Decay eyeshadows that work perfectly.

The palette is a really nice size - smaller than Coastal Scents 88 palettes but larger than a MAC 12 pan.

There are loads of great brownish/reddy/bricky colours which look great with blue eyes.

What's your best makeup bargain?


  1. Wow that palette looks great for £2! Great wee haul!

    Lisa xx

  2. You lucky thing. You picked up some great things. xx

  3. Oooh, you can't go wrong for two squids!! :)

    The guy who sold MAC stuff at my local market (before he got kicked off) started selling fake stuff when he realised how popular it was! :( I trek over to Bicester Village once or twice a year to the CCO for my discount stuff now!


  4. MAC must sell on their unsold stuff. I've bought a few bits and pieces from this site ( and they're not fake. I only learnt about a month ago that there is a CCO in Portsmouth where I used to live :|

  5. Nice haul. That's such a great price for the MAC pro pans. Enjoy your new goodies!

  6. That nymphette gloss is absolutely gorgeous! Great finds!

  7. That eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! I've been wanting to get Dame too! And Sketch is one of my favorite shadows. :)

  8. Oh wow, this is awesome! Whereabouts in Portobello did you find this stall?? :) x

  9. that stall sounds like the place to be :) x

  10. I'm so jealous of these 'stalls' :) Wish I had a place like that around where I live.
    Thanks for the swatches!

  11. Wow, great haul. 48 eyeshadow palette for 2£?? WOW. So cheap! I want that palette too! Some gorgeous colours.. Especially that silver and turqouise! Just amazing. I hope I'll find something like that when I'm in October... xx

  12. Hey guys! sorry for taking forever to reply to your lovely comments, been feeling sick the last few days :( - new post coming in a bit.

    I'd like to check out the CCO in Bicester Village, but must learn to drive first!

    Robyn thanks for that website link :)

    The stall changes position almost every Saturday but I know he does Dagenham market as well. He gave me his business card (which I can't find now!) and the company is called something like 'Pop in Cosmetics'. The week before last he was near the Motorway flyover, just a bit down from Tescos, and last Sat he was nearer the Goldbourne Rd end, so I think you just have to hunt him down each time!

    I picked up two of the eyeshadow palettes, so the other will feature in a future giveaway (I'm hoping for 100 followers by my birthday on July 20, so with any luck it will be soon!)

    Loves, Kat xoxo

  13. I think I for sure need that cheapy pallette. I've been wondering if they work ok.

  14. Get me one!!! The £2 eyeshadows!! I'm gonna do my own wedding make-up and I want to experiment with the eye shadows. You know I don't usually wear colours on my eyes, so I need to practice!

  15. @ Jill - the eyeshadows are very pigmented and I love the metallic finish. However they are a bit crumbly so it's best to use a foam applicator or a very dense e/s brush like the MAC 242. They also work best over an eye primer, I love UD's Primer Potion in Sin x

    @ Angel - I hope you're enjoying the palette!! x

  16. I came across Saffron when I received one of their smaller palettes at Christmas. I love it! I'm going to hunt this one down online as it looks fab :) xx


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