MAC In The Groove & Viva Glam Lady Gaga

I don't normally buy into MAC collections.  The last one that had me interested was the Hello Kitty collaboration in February 2009.  Typically, I got into MAC just after everything decent from this collection sold out!

After seeing some gorgeous swatches in blogland last week I was tempted by In The Groove's Petticoat, Stereo Rose and By Candlelight MSFs.  I ran to MAC Westfield on Saturday determined to do some wallet damage, and was sadly underwhelmed by the products in the flesh.  They looked beautiful in the packaging, but I tried on all three and Stereo Rose was did not suit me at all, and you could hardly notice I had By Candlelight on.  So I left the shop and went to watch the Argetina-Germany match...

I mulled it over and decided to go for Petticoat, since it suited me best and there is ALL that hype about it!  I LOVE my MSF in Light Flush, and so I hope Petticoat grows on me too.  And here it is!

With Flash
Without Flash
Petticoat on cheeks - bit washed out

I passed up By Candlelight as although beautiful in the pan, it didn't give me a sheen on my cheekbones like I'd expected, and I find Prestige's Skin Loving Minerals in Pure Shimmer much more effective, and better value!  
I also liked the look of Happy Together Mineralize Blush, so I might pick it up soon if it doesn't sell out.

I also spotted the Viva Glam Lady Gaga, didn't expect to like it on, but ended up loving it! My boyfriend hated it (he doesn't want to get that colour on his lips!) and my friend Flora loved it, so of course I went with my girl!

Petticoat on cheeks and VG Gaga on lips

Did you get something from this collection?


  1. You look lovely, Kat, those colors really suit you!
    I'm getting 2 eyeshadows trios, 1 blush and 1 lipstick - will blog about that next week when I have them :-)

  2. The lipstick looks awesome x

  3. I love MAC viva glam cincy. New follower xx

  4. I've had a few emails saying that people have commented, but they're not showing up on here?! What's up with Blogger?! ¬_¬

  5. Do you know if the Lady Gaga lipstick is limited edition? and if so, how long will it be out for? xx

  6. Gaga looks great on you!!! Its definetley a red-heads pink. I bought it because its Gaga and wasn't expecting to like it but I love it on! And Cyndi is amazing too.

  7. Gaga looks amazing on you - it looks horrendous on a lot of people (including me) but it really suits your colouring. According to people on Twitter, Blogger comments have been dodgy all day. x

  8. @Musing on Beauty - Thank you! I'm looking forward to your post, thanks for following! :)
    @ Jonna - Thanks, I'll tell my bf he doesn't know what he's talking about! Hehe!
    @Ansa - Thanks for following! I tried on Cyndi too and loved it, but I already have a lot of red lipsticks and don't wear them very often. I'm following you too :)
    @ Chloe - Yes, along with Cyndi, Gaga is LE and will be in shops until Spring 2011. The other Viva Glam shades I - VI are in the permanent line.
    @Robyn - Thanks! I want to get Cyndi too but will try it on a few more times first :)

    Thanks for your comments girls! Kat xx

  9. @missy_ellie_uk - Thanks! I normally can't carry off crazy shades, so I'm quite happy with this Gaga :) Blogger better sort out the comment issues soon!

  10. Love it! How did you get them so early - they don't come out here until Thursday?!

    Best, Lisamarie

  11. They were in MAC when I went there on Saturday. I think they've been in the shops here since early last week :)

  12. You look stunning in these pics! Very sexy!! ;)

  13. @Angel - thanks hun! Tell Kev that! He's not a fan of the lippy! Will miss you next week :'( xx


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