July Favourites

Quite a random mix of favourite products in July - a few of them have featured in previous faves lists, but a favourite is called such for a reason!

These products are making repeat appearances.  St. Moriz self tanning mousse has revolutionised my summers and no matter how fat I'm feeling (or actually, am) a bit of tan makes all the difference.  The first time I applied it with my hands - a disaster - but the Boots tanning mitt protects your hands from looking freakish and helps avoid streaking.  I ordered my St. Moriz from Amazon Marketplace but you can also pick it up from Savers.

Given that I can't tan naturally my other summer beauty must have is a high SPF face sun block.  I've tried about 6 and the No7 one is my favourite for acting as a moisturiser and sinking in fast so I can get my slap on over it in a rush!

To make my pale face match my St. Moriz'd body I use MAC's Minieralized Skin Finish in Light Flush to give me a light bronzed glow.  Recently I've started using it to lightly contour too.

You can read more in depth thoughts on these products in my May and June Favourites posts.

My hair always get greasier faster in the hot weather, so Batiste dry shampoo freshens it up and I find it also adds volume.   Batiste is quite a 'vintage' brand which was relaunched a couple of years ago.  I've tried the 'Blush' and 'Tropical' versions and while both smell lovely, I have to work the white powder into my hair so much that the action only stimulates more grease production!  I have red hair and the Brunette version blends in perfectly.  I would say if you have dark brown hair however that it would be noticeable.  I'm on my 4th can of the stuff and I love the scent.  The only drawbacks are that it's almost always sold out in Boots and I get through a can very quickly.  However it saves me from washing and blow drying my hair every morning (I only have to do every other) which in turn limits the damage to my locks.

I'm also on about the 3rd  (unheard of) bottle of this L'Oreal Elvive Nourishing Fluid for hair.  It's like a white, watery hair serum with the most divine scent on earth.  There's also a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask of the 'Royal Jelly' scent.  Now I've had 'Royal Jelly' products from Marks and Spencers and they don't smell anywhere near as good as this fluid!  The best bit is that it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it lank like even the light version of Frizz-Eaze for thin hair does.  One pump smooths out any frizziness at the ends of my hair and I actually think its helped prevent further damage.  I have the leave-in 'day' version, so I assume there is also a 'night' version which will be a bit heavier.

I reviewed this a few weeks ago and although I normally flit between about six different cleansers I used this one consistently during July.  I wouldn't say the face wash itself is revolutionary, but I sure do like the little scrublet! I've tried it with other foaming face washes, such as Biore's and it works just as well.   You really get a more thorough clean than you would from just using your hands, and the scrublet is more hygienic than a face cloth.  However, I'd say its not a patch on the Clarisonic, which I hope will one day grace my favourites lists.  I'm just waiting for Space NK to have a very generous sale! I won't hold my breath.

And now for the fun part: make up favourites!

Since I grabbed MAC's Hang Loose Mineralize Blush from the In The Groove collection in mid July I have used it every single time I've applied make up - for any occasion - work, play, more play...The colour is unlike any blush I own and I love the fact that I'm applying a crazy lavender powder to my face yet it shows up as an iridescent baby pink.  
Click here for my post about it and close up snaps.

My new favourite foundation is Bourjois Healthy Mix in their lightest shade - 51.  I had my eye on this baby for ages and it's everything I hoped it would be.  For more of a review and to see how it looks on me
click here.

I always wear coral nail polish in the summer and for the past two years my toenails have been adorned with Rimmel PRO's Coral Romance.  It looks even better when I have my St. Moriz on.  
Click here to see what it looks like on my nails.

I take my Sleek Pout Polishes in Pink Cadillac (left) and Electro Peach (right) everywhere with me and have been wearing them constantly.  I was never a 'lip' person until I discovered (well, won) these babies and I've never had more compliments on my lip colour.  They are moisturising, nicely pigmented and long lasting.  I'm even warming to the flavour.  My boyfriend says they taste of coconut but I find them slightly bitter.   To see what they look like on my lips
click here.

Now, the Sleek Storm eye shadow palette.  I think almost everyone has this and agrees on its fabulousness.  I've  used this palette for a little over a year now and it's my all time favourite - even beating my UD Book of Shadows I & II.  It is unbelievably versatile and so I've taken it on every holiday I've been on - a major test of how much you love something!  I've hit pan on my favourite shadow - the pale creamy gold (top row, second from left) and my new love is the pale pink (top row, second from right).  There isn't one shadow I don't like or don't use.  I hope Sleek never discontinue this palette, but safe to say, I have a few back ups.  Let me know if you would like me to do an over-re-view of my Sleek palettes - I also have Original, Graphite, Bohemian, Sunset and Circus.  I'm mighty sad I missed out on the Safari one a couple of years back.

My non-make up favourite of July is Florence + The Machine's
Cosmic Love.  I've had Lungs for yonks and even heard it live at Lovebox last year, but it only struck a chord with me in early July (see what I did there?!).   I've had the song on repeat - no seriously - it's the only thing I've been listening to! The vid is also, in the words of Perez Hilton, amazeballs.


  1. I've hit pan on the light brown shade on the Storm palette (brows!) and its right annoying, I don't like it when they're all uneven!

  2. Great favorites, I wish I could try the Sleek palettes! xo

  3. Thanks Isabella!

    @Robyn - Aaaah, I didn't think about using it for my brows! I love elf's light eyebrow kit and the colour is pretty similar.

    @E - You could maybe try ordering from the Sleek website? I'm pretty sure they deliver internationally.

  4. Great favourites!
    I agree about the storm palette, its the only sleek palette I own at the minute, definitely going to invest in some more!!
    - Beth x

  5. Great favorites! I need to get some Sleek palettes! ;)


  6. Yes I highly recommend the Storm palette, but Original is great too, as is Graphite if you can track it down on eBay x


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