What's So Great About Tuesdays? Stylist Magazine!

The Evening Standard is dull. There, I've said it. I miss The London Paper and ...um, I forget what the other one was called but it was a damn sight better than ES!  My evening Commute of Doom on the Central Line got that bit worse when ES bought/killed off the other free papers, until I discovered Stylist Magazine, which comes out on a Tuesday...and is FREE!
I get mine outside Oxford Circus tube but they're not at every station and you do have to look a bit for it as it doesn't have (or need!) as many pushers as ES.  I'm not sure if it's even distributed outside London, like the Metro is in Manchester, but it should be!  I find more 'reading' in Stylist than in a lot of magazines I hand over good cash for.  I love it so much I miss it when I'm on leave/working from home/ill on a Tuesday!

Stylist is launching its own Skincare Awards and if you're a Facebook member you can cast your votes and be in with the chance of winning £500 worth of luxury products
Click here to go to the Stylist Facebook page.

Dawn Porter had a fabulous weekly column until recently, but my other favourite regular features are 'Elsewhere' - weird and wonderful tidbits from around the world - today I found out that a South Korean scientist has proven that capsaican (what makes peppers spicy) can aid slimming! One big fat hot curry order for me then!  Another great one is 'Work Life' where a career woman gives us a detailed nosey into her typical working day.  I love this one and although it makes me feel like an underachiever a lot of the time, my nosiness overrides this!  Before Christmas Alex Box, Creative Director of Illamasqua was featured.

Some of the most interesting articles I've read recently were in Stylist - for example, how to make sure you don't get 'demoted' if you take maternity leave, the male to female ratio of corporate board members and whether the government should legislate to increase the number of women in top positions, the inspirational back-story of Michelle Obama, how much time men and women really spend on housework, a female surgeon who gave it all up to become a novelist, I could go on!  Since this is a beauty blog, it's also worth mentioning that Stylist runs excellent beauty articles, and today's reminded me how much I want/need Estee Lauder's Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher!  Other notable mentions from today's edition include the article on 'The Secrets of Confident Entrepreneurs' and HELLO! A four page feature on Angelina Jolie! I love her. Long time.
If you live outside London see if you've got any mates who commut
into work who may be able to pick you up a copy, or you can always read it online here: 

Do you read Stylist?


  1. thanks for your comment sweetie! i'm going to make your life a lot easier here and tell you that every French Connection store that i've been into stocks Both Stylist AND it's "male" (aimed) counterpart, Shortlist (which I used to read grudgingly and was SO happy when they came up with Stylist!).


  2. omg i got one this morning !! Free !! lol its great it gives you all the latest styles :)

  3. @ geisharock - Thanks for letting me know, I don't go into FC that much, but if I ever miss it again on a Tues I'll be swinging by! I've picked up Shortlist a few times, but I'm such a girly girl I find it a total snoozefest!

    @ Lela - you know, Stylist says the official release day is a Weds, but I've only ever seen it on a Tuesday evening!


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