Wizz Bang Wedges!

I went looking for boring old black espadrilles and spotted these beauties in Office.  Bronze is such a versatile and flattering colour, and I love the height these add without actually being a high heel and therefore making the balls of your feet feel like they're on fire after 20 minutes!  Your foot is on a slight gradient of about 1.5 inches which is more comfortable to walk in than a completely flat shoe.   Plus it makes your calves that
little bit sleeker.

Of course my size wasn't to be found anywhere (well, in the three branches I checked).  I'm normally a 6 but as they were too small I got the 7s even though they're a bit large.  Why can't more shoe shops introduce half sizes already?!  I tracked them down online but have to pay £3.50 P&P...and wait 2-7 days for them.  They come in black too.

They're going to go with everything!  And they're actually called 'Wizz Bang'! - an accurate description of the love at first sight they inspired in me!


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