Summer Magazine Freebies

It's been a bumper summer for magazine freebies!  Tatler gave away mini Essie nail polishes, Glamour gave away Benefit eye brights, it sticks and BAD gals and then Lindsey Kelk's novel I heart New York.

Over the weekend I picked up In Style and chose the Lip & Cheek Stain from The Body Shop rather than the gloss.  Although it's great to get a freebie, I'm not into In Style magazine anymore and so only bought it for the product!  Sadly it's a dud.  It's not even as good as my Primark tint.  This one leaks sometimes so I had hoped it would be a handbag friendly version.  It showed up pretty pigmented when I swatched it for the photo below but having used it since, it's very watery and needs to be reapplied a few times to build up a decent colour.  It works better on cheeks though.  I wish I got the shiny lipgloss they're also giving away instead.

Cosmopolitan is giving away this dating advice book by Zoe Strimpel - for you The London Paper lovers, she was the lass who chronicled her dating exploits in the weekly LondonLove feature.  I've read a review on this book and had considered buying it (I really love cheesy dating books!) so I'm delighted to get it for free!

Cosmo also gave away these minis - they're going straight into my toiletry bad for my September Greek Odyssey!  Bottles of this size cost £1 each at Superdrug.  There's also a £1 off voucher if you want to buy the full size version of either.

A nice little haul all in all.  Maire Claire is also giving away a selection of cotton bags.  I'm passing on this one as I never use these types of free bags and already have about 84!

Has anyone read...

I enjoyed it but not sure if it's worth reading the Hollywood and Paris versions?


  1. I subscribed to Glamour for £6 and got lots of freebie makeup and there is usually a freebie in every issue. Well worth it!
    I think I'll be going to WHSmith at lunch time to stock up on magazines!

  2. The other product InStyle are giving away free is also a lip stain. I personally love the rose coloured one :)

  3. @ Carly - I probably should subscribe to Glamour as I buy it most months!

    @ Louise - I didn't think it was a stain also, but I think the colour would have suited me better. I've seen some pretty swatches of it on other blogs.

  4. I just reviewed the Body Shop stain on my blog and thought the same - hate it! The other one was a stain too, in Bronze - can't imagine that looking any nicer after seeing the consistency of this one.

  5. i love the free samples... glamour is full of them :D


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