Gone on a Greek Odyssey - Back in Two Weeks!

I decided to stay at home during the summer months to enjoy the English summer, ya know...lazy picnics and boating in Hyde and Regent's Parks, long summer evenings, pretty summer dresses and sandals...well, that was the dream, the reality... well the weather took care of dashing it!  I can feel SAD setting in already so I'm delighted to be jetting off to the Greek sun.  I'm flying to Athens tonight, staying a few days, then ferrying it down to Santorini, chilling there for a few days and then ferrying it over to Rhodes.

I'm going to try to schedule a few blog posts to pop up while I'm away before I head to Terminal 5 (I hope the Victoria's Secret counter has been restocked!) as two weeks is too long to neglect my blog! I'm hoping I can find some Internet cafes in Greece or I'll get serious withdrawal symptoms.  I don't think any of the places we're staying at are swanky enough to have a computer in the reception :(

It seems like I've been packing for two weeks, but I'm trying to keep to my medium-sized case (there is a pile of stuff waiting to sneak into my boyfriend's case when he comes over to collect me later!)  I was going to take a picture of all the toiletries I'm bringing, but it's too embarrassing - they would fill a good-sized backpack!  But look out for a post on the make-up and brushes I packed - I was relatively restrained here for some reason.  Pride of place is taken up by my Urban Decay Naked Palette which I'm relying on to  get me through any type of eye-make up required!  And of course, as it is with most Continental hotels, there will be no kettle in the room, so I've got my travel kettle, mugs, Twingings, Canderel and powdered milk!

Back in two weeks!

Kat xx


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