Back from Prague

Well hello!

I finally recovered and was able to enjoy my long weekend in Prague. The city is as beautiful as ever, I'd been before so five days was a bit long. You can see everything you need to in 2 to 3 days. I have a ginormous amount of things I want to do and looks I want to post, but will show you a few snaps of stunning Prague first!

I managed to squeeze in some beauty shopping and actually hunted down three Sephora stores. I adore Sephora and always make a bee-line for it when I'm on the Continent or in the US. First off though I picked up a few bits in MAC and Victoria's Secret at Heathrow Terminal 5 (reviews/swatches to come). I found Sephora very expensive in Prague, but I did pick up a nice Sephora-brand matte bronzer and handbag perfume.

I'm going on a Greek Odyssey next weekend so I'll try my best to pre-write some posts to keep my wee blawg ticking over while I'm away.  And of course I need to find a moment to launch my giveaway! I have all the prizes bought for months now (since I hit 100 followers on my birthday in July) but this summer has been manic.

I bought some sponge rollers from Boots on the way home from work this evening and have them in, check back for a post about them later this evening!

AKA Mecca

View from Petrin Hill
View of Prague Castle from Petrin Hill

View from Charles Bridge

Sorry to be bitchy, but how tack-tastic is this wedding dress
 and his shiny suit? Wouldn't mind her figure though!


  1. I looove prague! And you're absolutely right about the wedding dress.. ;/

  2. Prague looks so beautiful :) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Such a beautiful city! :) lol on the wedding dress!!



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