What's In my Travel Make-Up Bag?!

By the time this post uploads I'll already be in Greece working my way through the UD Naked Palette, but I just thought I'd show you what I brought with me.  Going away really makes me realise what make up I can't live without!

The Kit
I managed to squeeze it into this little bag!
I also brought this of course! And a few sneaky eyeliners - I don't want the lovely velvet getting damaged so it's in it's original box! How sad!
The brushes - don't worry, I gave them a good wash before packing!
The brush roll is from Coastal Scents and it came with the red brushes


  1. lol is that Gaga or Cyndi up there? Also, which Maybelline lippie is that? You have similar choices to meeee!

  2. This is one of my videos I'm going to do with the camcorder I just bought an hour ago!!!! :D

  3. I hate having to part with my stash, you're better than I am at being selective!

  4. I'm terrible at this, I normally just end up taking brows, liner, mascara, foundation and concealer and Benefit 10. I'm so crap!

  5. Cute Hello Kitty. Very girly. Love it!

  6. wow you have ALOT! I wish i had time to spend loads of time on my makeup but i don't :( I need to hire a pro :) xx

  7. Firstly, apologies for my very tardy replies! I prescheduled this post to appear while I was away in Greece!

    @Cydonian - it's Cyndi - I have Gaga too and love both, but Cyndi is much sexier! The Maybelline lippyt is Colour Sensational in Amber Rose and is totally gorgeous, but a little drying!

    @Musing on Beauty - I've cut down from experience, I used to take loads with me and not use half of it and get very stressed when half my hotel room was covered in make up!

    @Robyn - With each trip I'm trying to streamline my essentials more and more, but this was a 2 week jaunt so I threw in a few extras to keep me happy!

    @girlinthecity - everything fit in my little bag for travelling, but it was a nightmare to root around in when getting ready every day, so I dumped everything into a larger toiletries bag.

    @Cowbiscuits - I know! I really need to do some serious Project 10 Panning and get my collection down to the bare essentials!

    Kat x

  8. The naked palette seems like such a must have ! too bad I can't buy urban decay in Belgium :-(((((((
    Lovely blog doll

  9. Thanks Marilou! I can't believe they don't have UD in Belgium! Perhaps you can arrange a swap on Makeup Alley? x


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