Pretty Bow Ring

I've only ever come across jewellery in the small Boots near Oxford Circus and recently I spotted this cute bow ring.  I've been wearing it almost constantly since I got it and thankfully it hasn't been catching on things like I thought it would as it's quite raised up.  I expected the pearls to fall out within days but I've been wearing it for about three weeks now and all are still intact despite going through countless hand-washings (I never take rings off and leave them on the sink after losing too many lovelies!).

Until about two years ago I hated gold and thought it looked chavvy-cheap, but since it's been somewhat reclaimed by normal people, I've come to accept that it suits my colouring better than silver, which can look a bit hippy-ish.  This ring of course isn't real gold!

It cost £5 and I think it's well worth it!


  1. What a gorgeous ring, i'm not surprised you love it xx

  2. oh its lush xxx

  3. Love the ring, really cute! And a bargain at £5! xoxo

  4. This is so pretty! I love it! Please check out my blog and subscribe! Thanks!

    Miss Nine West



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