Heat Free Curls? Boots Large Cushion Rollers

I was doing some last minute holiday shopping in Boots this evening when I spotted these sponge rollers. Now I have dallied with spongies before, but they were only about 1.5cms in diameter and left me looking like the lovechild of Shirley Temple and Mick Hucknall.

However, I'm a big fan of washing my hair at night and curling it for the following day. I normally use heated rollers to achieve this, but after a few months of doing this 3-4 times a week my hair was like a haystack. I had to get a good bit chopped off which was annoying as I'm trying to achieve Rapunzel-like locks.

These rollers are about 3cms in diameter and they're setting my hair (I hope!) as I type. If the results are anything other than hysterically funny I shall post the results tomorrow.  A pack of 5 rollers costs £2.05, so I picked up two. I managed to get all my hair curled with the 10 rollers but I might pick up another pack if they work out well. I don't mind if the curls turn out a bit tight at first as they will fall out and stay in shape for longer. I applied Shockwaves Heat Defence Curl Mousse to dry hair and I will give it a spritz of Ellenette hairspray before and after unrolling. I will also try out the roller on damp hair and let you know how I get on!

'Let the good times roll'

I just bunged them in very sloppily!

It's quite difficult to get the rollers to stay put close to the scalp

The offending Temple-Hucknall mini sponge rollers! Eugh!

Check back in the next few days to see the results!

Have you found a way of curling your hair heat-free?


  1. So do the plastic bits on them make them stay in? Because I have velcro rollers and they never stay in :( so I've never achieved gorgeous locks.

  2. I thought you were supposed to use these with damp hair and let them dry so that the curls form?? I'm naff at using these I always put too much hair in them because my hair is so thick!
    I will keep my eye out for your results!!

    Love J.

  3. @Louise yes - to an extent. They are a bit flimsy so I doubt they'd keep up a big chunk of heavy hair, but they worked for me. I bought a shedload of velcro rollers and absolutely hate them! My hair ALWAYS tangles and they do not stay in by themselves - you need to use crocodile clips or grips at the very least to make them stay put.

    @Bon Vivant Clique Possibly, but my hair wouldn't have dried in time tonight and I was too eager to try them out! I did use a lot of mousse and my hair curls pretty easily. They're still in, will take them out in an hour as they're not comfortable to sleep in! At the weekend I'll give them a go with damp hair when I have more time to wait around! You're lucky to have thick hair - I curl mine to give it the illusion of thickness!

  4. I used to put these in when I was a little girl! I think your really need to put them in up to the root or I look really stupid! x

  5. I've never had much luck with these types of rollers. Hope it turns out well for you!


  6. The clip rollers in the case....are they any good? Or are the boots ones better. and where are they from? x


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