I Love Make Up Store!

Nicer bags than MAC - I got this monster for a tiny blush!

Make Up Store is a Swedish brand that I've recently discovered.  They opened a branch in Westfield in Shepherd's Bush a while ago and I ducked my head in a few times but never really had a proper look and the store didn't immediately strike me as a high-end brand.  However I did some research and on finding out it's of Swedish origin I headed back to see if they did any seriously pale foundations.  They do have a few but they're not as light as I'd hoped for, but better than any at MAC or my other favourite, Inglot.

Make Up Store has something of the MAC about it, all bright lights and slick black packaging, but the colours are along the more exciting lines of brands like Urban Decay.  There is a LOT of glitter!  
They have some really unusual blushers and the most gorgeous cream highlighters I've seen.  I spotted a very unusual pale pinky-peachy-gold flecked blush called 'Lust' - now I'm not convinced how much the blush suits me, but it was such a fab colour I had to have it, and it could almost be used as a highlighter as well.  Sadly it was sold out in Westfield, but I tracked it down in their Carnaby Street store.  It is finely milled and highly pigmented and does seem to lift my face.  As for the store itself, The staff are very friendly and helpful, unlike some who shall remain unnamed!  Can't wait to go back!

Its true beauty shows up on the skin :)
Have you been to Make Up Store yet?


  1. This blush looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. It's lovely isn't it?! From the few swatches I've done of NARS Orgasm it seems quite similar but I actually prefer the texture of this Make Up Store one :)

  3. Where is this store?? Why have I never noticed it!??! Have you swatched NARS Laguna (the bronzer).. would it suit me with my paler winter skin? All my bronzers are summer ones and are too dark in the autumn/winter. There is a limited duo thing with laguna & orgasm for £28 was thinking of getting it. Vlogs coming soon!! So excited!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ Angel - I think the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo is great, I haven't seen it in stores but you can still get it online.


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