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I became familiar with Polish high end cosmetics brand Inglot when they opened a store in Westfield London.  I was amazed by the quality of their powder products - eyeshadows and blushes especially and went for their version of a duo fibre brush over the much more expensive MAC one.  They've recently hiked up their prices on their freedom system eyeshadow palettes which is a shame, but the prices are now on a par with their main competitors.

The layout of the store is very uncluttered and straightforward and the lighting is very good.  I was looking for a good cream to powder compact and had picked up one from Sleek for about £8 when I came across this Inglot one for only £12 - a high end product for Max Factor prices? Yes please!

The sales assistant spent time with me choosing a shade.  Inglot are another company that are missing a gap in the market by not offering light enough foundation shades.  In the end I went for Shade 88 which in-store and next to the other shades was the best match for me, but once I got it home and put it on in my normal environment I see it's slightly yellower than I'd like.

The texture is cream to powder and it is just a little dry but if you take a bit of time over the application you can get a good result.  In the photo above I started to apply it with my GOSH foundation brush but it wasn't working so I resorted to fingers as I was in a rush.  However I think a sponge would be best, or a foundation brush spritzed with a bit of MAC Fix+.  The staying power isn't great and the oils in my skin started to eat through it by lunchtime, so I will carry it with me to reapply in future.  This also means it will run out sooner than if I just had to apply it once.

I'm on such a cream product kick at the moment I had to try their cream blush in 88 it's a powdery rose pink and like 'my cheeks but better'.  I'd initially picked up a bright dolly pink shade but 88 definitely suits me better and I've used it every day since I picked these up, which was about two weeks ago.  The texture is perfect - not too sloppy and not too dry.  Just before I wandered into Inglot I'd checked out the famed MAC's Ladyblush and while the colour is pretty, the texture is horridly sticky and difficult to blend.  

This Inglot blush is £9 for 5.5g and I've hardly made a dent in it yet as a little goes along way. Best way to apply is with a small duo fibre brush (like the Crown C404 one I picked up at Pro Beauty) but fingers work great too.

All in all I really like Inglot.  You get great quality products for mid range high street prices and an astonishing range of colours and textures, plus the buying experience is so much nicer than in Boots or Superdrug.  The only drawbacks are the products have numbers rather than fun names which can create more of a cult following around products and of course the recent price hikes affecting the eyeshadow palettes.  But this definitely won't be my last haul from I want to try out the powder blushes and lipsticks.


  1. What a shame they've hiked the prices on the eyeshadow palettes up - the 'pick and choose' approach was one of the things that really appealed to me when reading about Inglot. However since I don't live in London I've never been able to try any anyway!

    The cream blush looks great on you.

  2. I really want to check out their lippies, too. That blush is perfect for you!

  3. that looks realli nice! too bad they probably dont's sell it in the US :(

    but nice blog! i can't wait to see your smoky eye look :)


    follow me, please?

  4. You look beautiful - I love the lip color!

    xo, Val

  5. I have a lot of Inglot products, in particular the eyeshadows... it's great to read about everything else they have to offer :)

  6. @missy_ellie_uk - thank you, I'll definitely be repurchasing it! Yep, it's not really a 'freedom' system anymore!

    @Robyn - I haven't tried any of their lip products yet, with their colour range I bet they'd have a good dupe for VG Cyndi...must go have a looksee!

    @AA - I think there's definitely an Inglot in New York.

    @Val - Aw shucks! Thanks! It's the 17 Mirror Shine lippy in Hollywood I picked up last weekend, I luvs it.

    @Superficial Sydney - I think they're fab, or were, until the e/s price hike. It's a much nicer experience to shop in there than MAC!

    Kat xx

  7. @AA- They have at least 3 stores that I know of in the US, (Vegas, New York, Florida). But you can also just order online since there US Website is up and running

    But the 88 blush really looks great on you Kat, as well as the foundation. Just ordered their cream foundation & powder, so I hope I can get a good match.

  8. @Miss Brina - thanks! I definitely prefer the blush to the foundation, hope yours work out well! x


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