Mini Review: Carmex Lipbalm - New Flavours

When Carmex launched their cherry flavoured lip balm a couple of years ago I couldn't wait to give it a taste so I was happy to get my hands on the latest mint flavour release.   Carmex's distinctive tingle sensation is even more noticeable with the mint version.  

I can be very guilty of neglecting my lips and they chap very badly but the camphor and beeswax in Carmex soothes them and the menthol tingle makes it feel like they're actually being treated.  I find Carmex works almost as well as Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream to heal cracked lips but tastes far better, and is more convenient to lug around in your handbag.  The added bonus is the SPF 15 which is a must for me as I can even get freckles on my lips - not pretty.

I prefer the tube to the pot as it's more hygienic.  The consistency of the balm again reminds me of 8 Hour Cream but it's not as thick or sticky.

I'm sure the strawberry balm is just as delicious as the cherry so I'm looking forward to trying that one too!

Have you tried Carmex? What flavours would you like them to release next? (I'd like to taste a lemon one!)

The best places to find Carmex are Boots or Superdrug for around £2.65.

*products provided for review purposes (but I already owned Carmex original and cherry flavours)


  1. I love cherry Carmex, it reminds me of Las Vegas for some bizarre reason!

  2. I love Carmex! I love the feeling on my lips (I know a lot of people don't like that menthol-y feeling..). I would like to try the mint flavored one!

  3. Mmmm Minty! I must say, I am tempted! I am a total sucker for carmex, it is a makeup bag essential for sure <3

  4. Cool, I've never tried these flavors. Nice post! :)

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  5. I have the strawberry one and it's lovely!! It smells delicious and feels slightly tingly! Maybe I should try the mint one too ;)

  6. I love Carmex and secretly love the smell of the original but hated going out with it on... I'll have to give these ones a whirl.

  7. mmm cherry carmex! love this post. xo.

  8. Looks lovely, I still have to try the original flavor though!

  9. I used to love the cherry one until i lost it 3 days ago... :( too bad!! It was brought from the States from a friend of mine.

    I wish we could have Carmex in Italy too!

  10. My sister is a Carmex junkie but for some reason, I just can't handle the consistency of it. :( Sounds like it would smell great though.
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  11. Yeah, I'm a freckle on the lips girl too. I have one permanent one that someone once mistook for a bit of chocolate on my face, LOL. She thought she was doing me a favor when she pointed it out to me;-)

  12. I am in love with CArmex, been using it for 4 years now...I'd love to taste vanilla flavor from them...but I am also very happy with the classic menthol one...

  13. i've seen different flavors in Asia =D

  14. I love Carmex. I have about 7 sticks. One in each car, two in my make up drawer for my lip base, in my book bag for when I go to school and the gym and in my work locker.. lol... I've always seen the Cherry. I haven't seen any of the mint yet. I've always been scared to try the scented ones.


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