Mini MUA Haul & Swatches #2

Who knew spending £4 could make me so happy?!  I'm almost glad not all Superdrugs carry the £1 Make Up Academy range as my urge to haul from it could start adding up!

Shade 7 is the second MUA lipstick I've picked up and is a paler, brighter pink than shade 6 and suits me better.  It is very glossy and 
moisturising.  Some of the lipsticks in the range contain chunky glitter so I'd avoid them like the plague!

While similar to Shade 1 from the eye shadow range, shade 2 is paler and make a fabulous highlight for your browbone or inner corner of your eyes.  It's very pigmented and applies smoothly.  Amazing value.

My favourite piece from this haul is this eye brow pencil.  I'd go as far as to say it's becoming a holy grail product.  It's in the shade Blonde and look very natural on my eyebrows.  I adore how soft it is and it sharpens to a nice precise point.  The brush at one end is okay but I always prefer to use a spoolie to comb through my brows.  If you have light brown or reddish brows, you need to check this pencil out.  It even supersedes my love for Rimmel's Hazel brow pencil.

The only downside to this pencil is that I seem to be going through it at a rate of knots! This may be because I've been putting it to some heavy duty usage, but may be because it's so soft, either way, at £1 I will never be without this pencil again!

Now, the dud in this little haul is the nail varnish in Shade 10. I got so over excited by the quality of shades 7 and 15 I wanted to give this one a go because the colour is a like a cafe latte version of GOSH Metallic Purple. However on my nails it looks like a 'granny' shade. Pearlised and bleugh. I suppose I could make it work with 3 coats, but I was so bored by it I gave up at 2!

1 coat
2 coats

I have a number of the eye shadows and blushes, so when I get a chance to take a few snaps I'll get some swatches up here for you.


  1. Those are some great finds!! The lipstick and the highlight is wonderful!! :D I love nifty little things like that! The brow pencil should be great too!

  2. Wow, I quite like that lipstick and its a blooming bargain at a quid! x

  3. I was going to ask you if you'd seen the brow pencils! I have the same one, I love how waxy it is, even though I do prefer a slightly darker brow most of the time. I love Shade 7 lippie, too!

  4. Everyones been raving at the eyeshadows, I think I need to try some of them! Don't buy the liquid eyeliner though, it's rubbish, loving the post :)

  5. i love the lipstick and nail polish. i don't think they sell these in my local superdrug so might buy online, especially if they're only £1! xo.

  6. This brand be so wondeful! But this is the good quality or not? I love your blog but Iam french :)!

  7. the eyeshadow looks really pretty... overall, love the MUA haul...

  8. I only invested in the range when it had just started and it was not impressive, about 6 lipsticks, 3 used and three broken and a couple of smashed nailpolishes, but I may have to go and check back xx

  9. This lippie is one of my favourites ever!
    It's gorgeous :) xxx


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