Rimmel Flash Eyeliner Review

I so wanted to love this eyeliner.  I'm a big fan of liquid eyeliners, especially the felt-tip form and have used L'Oreal Lineur Intense for a couple of years and while I do like this one, I find the nib is a bit too floppy to achieve a precise cat's eye or flick.  So I was hoping this Rimmel eyeliner would solve the problem as it has a very narrow, firm nib.  Unfortunately mine pretty much dried up within a week of being opened.

I think I may have been unfortunate and picked mine up from a Boots where it's probably been sitting for at least a year.  I'm also not a fan of very bright, and therefore hot, lights on make up displays as they certainly dry products out.  When I picked up this liner it was warm to the touch, so this could very well explain why it dried up so quickly as I've seen it endorsed whole-heartedly across the beauty community.  However you can really only pick up Rimmel from Superdrug or Boots, and they all have the hot light displays.  If you can, ask an assistant to retrieve one for you which hasn't been on display from the drawers beneath.

I made this swatch the day I bought it and as you can see the effect is pretty strong, however a few weeks later the lines aren't as opaque due to the formulation drying up a bit.

Dry drawbacks aside, I am very impressed by the functionality of this eye liner.  It produces a very pigmented black line which dries fast and is long wearing.  I am seriously considering giving it another try - but only if I get one which hasn't been lying around the shop floor for months.  Once purchased you also have to make sure to replace the lid securely after each use or this will cause it to dry out fast too.  It also helps if you store yours vertically with the cap down as the product will have saturated the nib when you come to use it - I keep mine this way in my brush holder.

What I tend to do is use L'Oreal Lineur Intense to create a line over my lid and then use Rimmel Flash to create the flick.  I actually prefer the Rimmel nib to Illasmasqua's Precision Ink, but the latter is far more saturated and therefore easier to use without any need to tug on your eyes.

If you want to give this a try, pick it up at Boots or Superdrug for around £5.

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  1. Woww it looks great on your eyes <3

  2. Thanks Rakhshanda, do you mind me asking if this post showed up in Blogger Dashboard Reader? Ever since I changed to a .com a lot of my followers have not seen posts showing up in their readers, so just curious! Thanks x

  3. I've bought 3 of these and every single one has tried up after only a couple of applications. Also I found the nib started to fray after a while so I couldn't get a clean line to save my life. I found the MAC one much better.
    I'm loving this blog, btw! You seem to be reviewing all the items that have been sitting on my 'to try' list for months!

  4. Hi Bernadette! Thanks for stopping by. In that case I might as well save my money and go for the MAC one. Can't understand why they dry up so easily! Any other product review requests? I have like 100 posts lined up so any suggestions on what to do next are welcome!

  5. Hi Kat, would you consider doing a liquid eyeliner tutorial, yours looks really good, I'm rubbish!

  6. It looka great on you! Thanks for the review. I will definitely be trying this.


  7. I was thinking of venturing into the world of lash inserts so if you have any reviews of those lined up, that'd be fab!

    The MAC liquid eyeliner 'pen' is worth every penny. The hubs bought it for me for Christmas and it's still going strong - I use it all the time!

  8. Love the first look with this liner! The liner looks amazing! Too bad it didn't last longer before drying up :(

  9. I had the same issue when I got this liner, it must either be displaying issues or a formulaic one. But I've had no issues with the NARS or MAC eyeliner pens, it's totally worth the extra money :)

  10. This looks like it gives a really nice, sharp line. Shame it dried out so fast. x

  11. i go this a few weeks ago and i have been told to store it up side down to stop it from drying up


  12. @Charlotte - oh thanks for the compliment but I'm more hit than miss with my eyeliner application, but I'll definitely add it to my list of posts to do as I have a few little tips! In the meantime there are lots of good tutorial vids on YT!

    @Carrie - thank you!

    @Bernadette - I don't use lash inserts too often tbh, but I do have a few pairs waiting to be used!

    @The Peach - I know, it's design is faultless in terms of the nib, but it majorly fails on the drying up aspect!

    @Shannon Skylar - going for the MAC one next I think, sometimes it's better to just pay more for a better product

    @LilyLipstick - it really does, I hope Rimmel can somehow sort the drying out issue

    @lil miss giggles - I do this already as mentioned in the post, but to no avail :( it's still as dry as ever!

  13. Nice, i would like to try this one.


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