Have You Jelly Pong Pong-ed?!

I recently contacted Jelly Pong Pong to take part in my upcoming giveaway series because I think their products are adorable and make the sweetest little presents and they were so kind to send me a few bits to try out too.  At the moment they are running an offer on a few of their products which come in the form of their Lavish Gift Bags which cost £15 each. 

The brand comes across as quirky and whimsical, and less cliched than Benefit.  While functionality is a big selling point, I do admit that the girly loveliness of the packaging draws me in more - just look at how *pink* my blog is!

Jelly Flush is a cheek stain which gives an immensely healthy glow which is best used on fresh skin or just over tinted moisturiser and it smells divine.  I have to hold myself back from licking it!  When I first opened it it had leaked a bit into the lid, but I think it just got a bit of a bashing in transit and once I cleaned it up it's been working fine.  It gives a similar, if not better effect than something like Benetint and is far easier to use.

The other piece in this set is the Wide Awake palette to brighten and illuminate complexions.  

While these kind of Benefit kits always fall down on not having pale enough shades for me, everything in this palette suits me - the illuminating cream works well over concealer under my eyes and the highlighting cream is fabulous patted along my cheekbones and happily caters to my obsession with cream products right now.  

The lightest shade of the brow powder is literally my perfect brow colour and the two darker shades and so smooth and blendable I use them as eyeshadows, all these and a good sized mirror in the lid makes this is a very handy little palette all in all.

Swatched with flash: illuminating cream, highlighting cream, lightest eyebrow sculptor powder

Swatched without flash: as above
As you all know, I'm not really a bronzer kinda gal, and as this one is pretty dark I'm probably going to swap it with my chum Angel from for something I'll get more use out of.  Having said that, if you suit bronzer, and most of you do, this is a lovely little product to dust along your limbs to glisten on summer nights.

 You could probably also use it on your face but you'd need a longish handled brush to get down to the product.

Isn't the purple flower puff adorable?!

My favourite piece from this set is definitely the Irish Cream (how apt!) Pavlova Lip Frosting.  I didn't expect much from this product but it's outstanding.  If you like sweet things you need to try this and it has the most gorgeous texture, gives a beautiful natural coloured sheen to the lips and is surprising moisturising and long lasting.  I can't say enough good things about this beauty.  It's the hugest tube of lipgloss I've ever seen, but it's going in my handbag right now! 

No flash

I haven't yet decided which will be Jelly Pong Pong week during my SS2011 Giveaway Series, so remember to check back here from 14th May onwards if you're interested in winning some of their fabulous make up items.

You can order Jelly Pong Pong online or look for stockists in your area here.

*PR samples provided for review


  1. I havent jelly pong pong-ed yet haha! But the products look gorgeous so I might be tempted too now :) xxx

  2. The produscts look great! And the flower puff...sooo cute. Love it.

  3. These products look so fun, thank you for sharing, so much cute! Love your blog :)

  4. i love the flower puff too!! it's so cute! thanks for the review....

  5. This brand looks amazing I haven't heard of them before...I really would love to try the bronzer. the buff looks so cute:):)



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