NARS Portofino Multiple

It had been far too long since I'd visited...

So I met up with Angel on Saturday and we had a play at the NARS and Laura Mercier counters and I finally succumbed to my lust for a NARS Multiple.  I'd always intended to pick up Orgasm, but it actually looked a bit non-descript on my cheeks - the sales assistant agreed - so I plumped for Portofino Instead.  Riviera looked gorgeous too - a light baby pink - but it was a little too glittery.

Who doesn't love NARS packaging?

I'm away a lot over the summer so I imagine this handy little tube will be a permanent fixture in my make up bag as it takes care of cheeks and lips in one swipe. 

Swatched in natural daylight. 

Under flash.

The formulation is a little odd.  You expect it to be quite wet and creamy, but it actually goes on quite dry but is at the same time blendable.  It's buildable and for my oily skin I really like that the finish is so dry.  However if you have very dry cheeks you might want to try out how the formula works on you first before dropping £29.

Above I have a bit of Albatross highlighter along my cheekbones - hence the golden shimmer.  I did worry that a coral shade could make me look a bit ruddy, but I'll just have to use it sparingly.

I'm really happy with my purchase and I will at some stage get Orgasm too.  Copacabana is on the list also.  I've also got my eye on this gorgeous trio of Laguna bronzer, Orgasm blush and Albatross highlighter.

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  1. Portofino looks gorgeous on you! I have a mini version of South Beach which is more of a bronzer on me, but I would definitely like to get one of the more pinky toned shades so I can use it as a blusher and on lips as well.

    Ellie x

  2. Do you put it on straight from the tube or use your fingers/brush?

  3. I love that trio also - not sure I'm going to be able to resist much longer!
    I've never tried the Multiples but always admire them! xx

  4. Looks great on you.. I'm uploading a video and I'm linking this post in the description bar. I thought you bought Riviera for some reason!? I need to get this trio before they stop selling it! I like the beautiful life lip & cheek palette.

  5. I was soo close to getting Portofino last time at Sephora - wish I had! And that trio.. I want that too!

  6. wow! nice product! looks good on you .... that trio is very nice! :)

  7. I might have to get that! I've got the trio and it's really nice. The Orgasm, though, is the more pink/pigmented one that appeared in a few other palettes (I believe it was in the Wedding pallete?), as opposed to the one that's a single. But that's great, too, actually, since buying NARS stuff means you get a ton of copies of Orgasm.

  8. I've never actually heard of this product but it looks absolutely amazing and it really suits :) I also love Albatross on your cheeks, I had no idea it had gold shimmer, I always thought it was silver. Great post and I love your blog <3

  9. @missy_ellie_uk - thankyee kindly, yes the pinky ones are very versatile, but I guess you can use the bronze one on your eyelids too?

    @Robyn - thankyouplease!

    @Charlotte - I just whack it on straight from the tube as it's only me using it!

    @Zoe - I might pick it up when I'm going through duty free :)

    @Angel - I actually wish I bought Riviera now, but it was very glittery!

    @Val - you'll have to give in one day haha! we all do!

    @Issa - thank you!

    @Lindsey D - I would actually welcome a more pigmented version of Orgasm as the mini one I have of it take a bit of rubbing with the brush to get the colour going.

    @Summer - I know - it looks very white in the pan. Thanks for the blog comp - you have a very cute blog too, great layout and colour scheme :)

    @Elisa - Thanks!

    Kat x

  10. It looks excellent with the gold shimmer you have added but I personally wouldn't wear it alone, it looks like it needs a little something, which you spotted luckily! The shade is still lovely on your skin tone, but I agree that is needs sparing use!


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