Review: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I finally got my hands on a bottle of the famed Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - this has been on my wishlist for an age! I know there are myriad reviews on this wundercleanser out there but I really want to add my thoughts to the canon!

First off, you get a 100ml starter pack with two muslin cloths in a handy plastic travel pouch for £13.25.  This is pricier than imitations on the market from No7 and Soap & Glory, but not vastly more expensive for the quality of the product.  It's lasted me over a month and a half so far and is still going - based on one use a day of 2 pumps.

I have very sensitive eyes but can use it remove eye make up, however I do feel that the muslin cloth is a bit too rough for the delicate eye area, so I tend to grab a damp cotton wool pad. 

When I first started using it I developed a few spots and was concerned this may be the culprit, but I'm happy to report that it must have been the other products as I was trying out at the time as I continued to use the C&P and the spots have gone away.  

I think one of the biggest differences with this cleanser is the quality of the muslin clothes which come with it - they're more substantial and exfoliating than those which come with other cleansers and really do well in getting every last scrap of make up off leaving no residue behind.  This may be why my face feels a bit tighter than I expected it to considering that it is a cream cleanser, and I definitely need to moisturise after using it.  However in terms of the cleansing process, it's a multipurpose  product which removes all types of make up, eye included, and exfoliates.

The naturally active ingredients it contains are Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil and you can definitely smell the latter.  The product has very very luxurious feel and smell and using it every night with a hot damp muslin cloth is a little like a special treat, especially if you leave the cloth over your face to steam for a while.  

It's a two-step process whereby you first massage the cream all over your face and neck to dislodge make up and boost circulation.  Second you run hot water over the muslin cloth, wring and use this to remove the product and your make up residue - this is what 'polishes' and exfoliates your skin.  To finish I splash my face with cold water to close my pores.  If I'm wearing particularly heavy make up I sometimes repeat this process, but you can see against the white muslin cloth whether you have any make up left on your skin.

I'm a complete devotee to hot cloth cleansers and it's my favourite method for removing my make up as it's no where as messy as washing your face a few times in the sink, or generating 10 dirty cotton pads with a typical wipe-off cleanser and it's the method I feel best removes every last vestige of the day.

You'll be happy to know that the lovely people at Liz Earle have provided one starter pack of this multi-award winning cleanser for me to giveaway during my SS2011 Weekly Giveaway Series which kicks off on 14th May, so be sure to check back then!


  1. Hey even I have this and I'm loving it!!! It does an awesome job <3

  2. Fantastic review, I always thought it was more expensive than that for some reason, and I didn't know Soap + Glory did a copy :)

  3. thanks for the review! :) i'm excited for the giveaway!

  4. I love the idea of this cleanser/cloth! Sounds like it would be lush for the colder months.

  5. what a thorough review! that starter pack sounds awesome.

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