£1 Jewellery Storage Solution!

I knew I went into Poundland for a reason...

While picking up loads of random junk I spotted this Tool Box organiser and it reminded me of the Muji plastic compartment boxes I currently use to store my jewellery, expect more than ten times cheaper!

Since then I've gone back to pick up another and I think they're great, especially for storing bigger pieces like watches which are a bit of a squeeze to get into the Muji boxes. 

I also find with the Muji boxes some of my costume jewellery has oxidised faster than if it were in an airtight container, or at least one which didn't let the air circulate as easily. These Poundland boxes seal very securely.

You can place the divider in whichever way fits you collection best.

Don't you love my reindeer earrings?

I've also popped in some of my hairclips and beloved spin pins to keep them safe!

Poundland stocks turns over very quickly so get down to your local one soon if you want one!


  1. Such a good storage idea. I'm always after new storage ideas! :)

  2. I have 2 of these! I find them great, gotta love poundland or the 99p shop for some good bargains :) xxx

  3. what a good idea!I will have to have a peek in poundland :)

  4. That's such a great idea! :D I'm definitely going to have to pop into poundland next time I'm shopping to pick one of these up. xx

  5. Oh wow I have been hearing great things about Poundland! I am gonna get myself down there tomorrow, thank you for posting xxx

  6. this would be perfect for me as i'm always tossing around my jewelry - thanks for sharing! xo

  7. such a good idea i think i am gonna get one or two lol :)

  8. Good idea!Thanks :) My jewellery box is a mess atm.

  9. this is a really good idea! Mine are all hooked up on my wall at the moment and it's getting a bit messy!! xx x

  10. That is such a smart idea!
    I love your blog btw & your blog button is amazing!Followed youu (:
    Please check out my blog;

  11. Woow nice jewerly :)

    follow each other?

  12. awww i love the idea. so organized! and your jewelry's so beautiful


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