Remember to collect the final NOTW token for a FREE Model's Own make up kit!

I wasn't going to bother with this giveaway as there's nothing too exciting, but since my boyfriend happened to buy the rag (News of the World) last Sunday I thought I might as well grab another today as I've not tried anything from Model's Own yet.

I'm popping out for it in a bit and thought I might as well give you a little reminder in case you're collecting the tokens too. There were 3 in total over 3 weeks and you need to present 2 of them to you local participating Tesco supermarket. There's only one largish Tesco near me so it better so not out of stock!

The token will be lurking inside the 'newspaper's' magazine called Fabulous - this is last week's with Jade Goody's ex on the front...I forget his name...Jeff something?

I'm looking forward to trying out the eyeliner.


  1. Il kit sembra carino >___O
    Buona domenica.

  2. Tesco were all out when i got there. gutted! :( x

  3. I have the same problem! every tesco I've tried has been out of stock! Such a pain - I only bought the news of the world for this give away! :( x

  4. Yay i think you should do the 30 day challenge too :) :)

  5. Both Tescos I went to had run our too :( on the Model's Own Facebook page today they recommended contacting Fabulous mag's customer services. I've sent an email so fingers crossed!


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