Sleek MakeUP Molten Metal in Pewter/Gold Leaf

These sold out from Superdrug pretty swiftly but I managed to grab the last one from a display in a little tucked away branch.  Sleek seem to be starting a price hike as it set me back £6..99, which considering that amazing eyeshadow palettes like Storm with 12 shades were only £4.99 a year ago, is quite a rise.

I like the packaging, although I did have to rip the cardboard box a bit to get the palette out.  It's very sturdy and has a handy mirror in the lid.

Pewter on the left and Gold Leaf on the right.

These are very creamy shadows and even feel more luxurious than my beloved Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows.  I've seen the Molten Metals compared and even praised above Illamasqua Liquid Metals, but I've not tried the latter so can't add to that!  As you can see they are very pigmented and gleam when swatched.

You can apply it with your fingers but you get a more precise application if you use a small compact flat shader brush, preferably with man-made fibres.  This one is from Coastal Scents brush set.

The colour I applied was Gold Leaf and I was pretty impressed...at first.  I was so excited to try the Molten Metal I just whacked it over the shadow I'd had on all day which had pretty much worn off - but that's why my liner and mascara looks a bit skanky!

And this is where it all goes a bit wrong...

I'd read a few reviews which claimed it didn't crease (unlike the Illamasqua ones), but it creased on me after 5 minutes.  Now I do have quite oily lids...but come on!

Ans here's the state it was in after an hour.  Not good.

I was really looking forward to glamming up with it on Saturday night, but I'm not so sure now.  I might try the Pewter on to work tomorrow over some Urban Decay Primer Potion to see if that makes a difference.  Other than than I have a Stila eyeshadow in a similar gold colour which I could use over the top to set it - but then of course I wouldn't get that glossy cream eyeshadow look!

I'll let you know how I get on, but from first impressions, for £7 I'd give these a miss and save up for a Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow, which if you pick the right shade can double as either a powder eyeshadow base or eyeliner.


  1. I do hope a primer would help? Let me know! Oh and I HAVE to say, your eyelashes are absolutely brilliant! *knocks on wood* :)

    Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com

  2. That's so disappointing they creased on you! At first I was thinking, "Wow, these look amazing and they're so pigmented" but towards the end of your post I was like, "Oh no." Too bad!

  3. So dissapointing that a beautiful shimmery, pigmented colour like that creases so bad! I was about to order one as soon as I saw it on you, then scrolled, and saw how bad it creases! ahhh!

  4. I wasn't sure whether to get thse or not. I think I will. I don't expect them not to crease as I've never, ever seen a cream shadow work on me and I don't have oily lids at all!

  5. It looked so good... Hope it will work better with a primer.

  6. lovely shades and texture but too bad it creases
    :(( even I have the same probs wid most shadows....
    what primer do u use?

  7. I have a similar shadow from illamasqua and it creases too but it looks so gorgeous on I still wear it. I try to add some translucent powder on top and hope for the best. I really want this duo.

  8. I have been lemming these since i see them in so many blog posts, sadly we do not have Sleek here...I love the Benefit skinny jeans cream eyeshadow, its wonderful.

  9. oh wow they're so shiny! it would be really nice if it didn't crease =(

    btw, i have a new contest/giveaway on my blog if you haven't joined.

  10. What a shame -- the colors looked amazing.

  11. How disappointing. I saw these on their website and was thinking of purchasing. Oh well :(

  12. The colors look great! Too bad they crease so bad :(

  13. What an amazing color!



  14. Wow very gorgeous color and casing! me want!

  15. Oh dear. I'm a big fan of Creaseless Creams too, maybe I'll just stick to those.

  16. Wow they do look a lot like the Illamasqua ones! I find I don't have too much creasing with those if I use UDPP underneath (as it's a very sticky primer) and pat the smallest amount with my finger. Also they work fab as liner under the lower lashline.

  17. it looks amazing, sorry it creased :( i have one by Kat Von D and it doesnt crease (it goes on like industrial paint though!) xx

  18. @xNTA – Yes I have a few different eye primers so will give them all a try to see what works. My lashes are quite long, but fair so they need loads of mascara to stop me looking like an albino rat!
    @Marie a la Mode – I know, I really didn’t need to waste £7 on a product which doesn’t work by itself
    @Leah – Check back as I’m going to try to see how I can make it work – they are pretty colours!
    @Robyn – You should try the Benefit ones – they’re amazeballs!
    @DalaLuz – me too!
    @EVE-O-LUTION – I use Urban Decay Primer Potion mostly, but the elf studio one is a good inexpensive option
    @FunnyFaceBeauty – Thanks for the tip about the translucent powder, I’ll give that a try along with some primer and see how it turns out!
    @EllysMakeupbag – I thought Sleek deliver internationally from their online store?
    @Fruity Lashes – great contest, I love my Naked Palette
    @Rebecca – the pewter is especially lovely
    @Emily – Uh oh, Sleek are gonna hate me! Ah well, for what they are they should only have priced them around £4-5
    @caroleen – you’re very welcome!
    @Musing on Beauty – that’s my next plan! I did pop some under the lower lash line and it looks good – not too much creasing there!
    @Cowbiscuits – I’ve yet to try out Kat Von D stuff – I’m interested in the tattoo congealer – not that I have one, but it must be able to cover pretty well!

    Thanks for all your comments ladies!
    Kat xx

  19. Kat Von D has a tattoo concealer?? I must check that out for my eyebrows!! I'm trying to reshape so I'm not plucking them for a long time.. just a warning for when I see you next!

  20. Yes I think it's just called that cos Kat Von D is all about tattoos etc, I've read it doesn't completely cover them, but is an amazing concealer for dark circle and blemishes etc.

  21. nice but you should have wiped off your eye and re-primed to give a more accurate review. but the colours do look amaaazing


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