I Caved: Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle

I missed my bus the other night and used it as an excuse to pop into Boots to see if they had the fabled Backcomb In A Bottle in set me back £5.61.  I don't care how amazing it turns out to be - I would only use it sparingly at this price for only 200mls!

The container is beautiful and there's another lid under the silver one.  I've only used it once so far, and my hair was curly so I couldn't really work with it that much to see the full effect.  It seemed very sticky and seemed to work pretty much like a traditional hairspray.  Also the smell is vile - just pure chemicals with no hint of 'parfam'!

It claims to be suitable for all hair types and deliver instant texture and the volume of backcombed hair without having to wreck your hair.

So I'll have a fuller review for you soon after I've tried it on my hair in a few different ways, but I'd hold your horses on getting this until you've read a good few reviews...I literally just bought into the name and didn't consult blogland as much as I normally do before buying something!  I suspect that some backcombing will be necessary, but you may not have to do as much as normal  and it will hopefully provide extremely firm hold.

Stay tuned!


  1. i just got this too and so far im not liking it really made my hair hard and awful like a cheap hairspray :( only used it once so going to give it a few more trys...think it will end up just been used on nights out atm thought but will see xx

  2. Gonna run my giveaway throughout Feb, will you make a blog post about it for me once it's started? I could do with your nearly-1000-followers hearing about it! Congrats on hitting 1,000 before the end of the month! (I know you probably will in the next 3 days!) xxxx

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  3. Can't wait to hear the final result, I have the dry shampoo of this collection and I love it although it seems to disappear quickly :s

    Sian xx

  4. Eeeeep i've wanted this for ages but the price is very steep!
    Looking forward to a review ♥

  5. I won this in a giveaway recently and think it's pretty good :) I do agree that it works pretty much the same as a normal hairspray but I'm still experimenting to get the right look! Looking forward to your update :D xxx

  6. Oh I've heard lots of rave about this product. Hope it's as great as it appears to be!

  7. Cant wait for a full review, do take pics! i wanna see if its the same as normal harispray after all the rave about it! xx

  8. @Laura - oh no! well I'm going to use it properly Saturday night - if it doesn't help me get volume around my crown I'll just use it for strong hold when I curl my hair!
    @Angel - you nasty, also yes about the post
    @Wearethecrowd - yes I spotted the dry shampoo when I was buying this but it's more than double the price of my beloved batiste, so I gave it a miss
    @Lauren - I agree about the price - unless it literally stops the force of gravity on my hair I won't be buying again!
    @SkellyBones - I think I'll have to experiment lots with it!
    @GABY - So do I or else I'll have to blog sale it!
    @Cowbiscuits - Will do, although I'm not so great with hair!

    Kat xx

  9. I got this and used it last night and I LOVED it! It gave my hair amazing lift and good texture too! Having just had a baby my hair is a lot thinner than normal and I have not been very confident when styling my hair but this changed all that.
    I will be doing a review on this next week when my bf is off so I get the time xxxx

  10. Cant wait for the full review of this product!
    It seems like one of those products with a really smart name that instantly pulls us women in!

    now that would be a miracle!

    Check out my blog and follow

    muaaah x

  11. loving your blog... I'm following!

    Would LOVE you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


  12. I'm glad you're going to do a proper review on this product, I nearly bought it the other day but didn't want to without reading reviews! Cant wait to see what you say :)


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