Review: £2.39 Lacura Foundation from ALDI Supermarket

I've been using this foundation for almost two years so I think it's high time for a review!  The best bit it? It's £2.39!  The worst bit? It's sold at ALDI supermarket, which isn't very accessible for some.  

I use the shade called 'Transparent'.  The name's a bit misleading, but as you can see from the blob below, it's a pretty good match for my pale skin.  Now it's not the lightest 'cheap' foundation you can get - Max Factor do some very pale ones, but it's fine for me.

As you can see, it's very creamy and gives relatively full coverage, even over my freckles.

No flash
With flash


  • It promises "perfect coverage and natural shine protection" and it pretty much delivers on this.
  • Price: for what it is, the price is truly unbelievable.  I reach for this far more than my many other expensive foundations, like MAC Studio Fix.  £2.39 is even below your standard 'drugstore' foundation price point.  You can't beat it on value for money.
  • Texture: it contains aloe vera and shea butter and therefore feels quite moisturising.  It's very creamy and a little goes a long way - I've been using this tube on and off for nearly a year.  However, the formulation is best for oily skin as it is a little drying once set.
  • Coverage: medium to full and very buildable but it feels light on.  You need to be careful not to leave a tidemark as it does set, so it's a good idea to bring it down onto your neck.  It's not as heavy as Collection 2000 Lasting Finish, which is my favourite budget full coverage foundation.  You would still want to use a concealer for undereye circles or blemishes.
  • Application: I prefer to apply it with my hands as it's easier to blend when melted by the warmth of my fingers, but it also applies well with a traditional foundation brush or a duo fibre.  It is builable as I've mentioned, but it does 'set' after a while.  You don't need to use a primer with it.
  • Colour: personally, the shade is pretty much bang on for my fair freckly skin, especially in the summer.
  • Packaging: Unlike more expensive drugstore foundations it comes in a box so you can be sure it's not been tampered with.  The container is a nice hygienic squeezy tube which contains 30mls - the standard amount.  Being in a tube, the product hasn't oxidised and has lasted me ages.
  • Finish: although it does feel quite dry after it sets, my skin actually looks dewy, not oily.  The finish is one of my favourite things about it. 
  • Durability: it lasts for a good 6 -8 hours which is enough for me for a night out or work.

Lacura also produce a pressed powder in 'Transparent' which is excellent and again, only £2.39.

  • Shade range: the shade range is quite narrow, I think there may only be about 3, but it's so inexpensive it's worth a try, and if it's too dark you can always mix it with your moisturiser to make a tint.
  • Scent: Although it says it contains no perfumes I do detect a faint, but not unpleasant scent.
  • No SPF: for me this isn't too much of a drawback, as I use a specific SPF cream every day before applying my make up anyway.
  • Availability: living in central London, it's a mission for me to get to Aldi.  My nearest one is near the end of the northbound Jubilee line, but I mostly stock up on my travels - to Ireland and Manchester...oh the glamour!

How it looks on...cue some grumpy looks!

As you can see, even when using a flash, it leaves my skin dewy rather than greasy looking and provides just the right amount of coverage which still lets a few of my freckles show through.

If you still need convincing, check out its reviews on MakeupAlley where it gets an impressive 4.5/5.


  1. This looks amazing on you. Luckily for me my boyfriend lives around the corner from an Aldi so I may get it to try. :)


  2. Ohhhh I didn't even know they did a foundation!?! I must check this out!! When do you wanna go, there's one in Hounslow near where I did my instructor training. I use the highlighter for under eye, it's really good when you just dab on a tiny bit.. it's in a pen like the no 7 one.

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  3. Wow! I never knew Aldi carried any makeup products. That's so cool. I think ill have to check them out since I've been trying to find a good and cheap foundation. Thanks for letting us know. :)

  4. Yay! I've been wondering about this foundation for a long time, and I'm happy to find that it's alright for oily skin. I definitely will check this out when I'm running low on my other foundations :) Thanks sooo much for the review!

  5. woah i didnt know aldi did beauty products!I must have a look for this it sounds awesome :)

  6. that look samazing and is so cheap got to check it out next time

  7. the product looks amazing on you! (:
    i wish we had this product in my country too.

  8. that looks flawless! too bad it's not available here in my country.

  9. it looks great on you!

  10. omg, I have to try it !
    it looks sooo good,so natural !

    xo lala


  11. I really must try this. We have an Aldi, a bit far but not too much if I travel by train. I don't know yet if they have it here but I can always try. It really looks very nice on your skin.

  12. Wow it looks great! I've never even thought about trying the range, I usually just miss out that aisle. I must give this a go though..thanks for the heads up

  13. it seems like a really nice foundie. the price isn't bad at all. thanks for the great review!

  14. Such a pity i can't find this in my country,
    it looks amazing on you!
    I too have the burden of freckles, and i do love a dewy look, especially since my skin is so dry.
    This is my first time on your blog,and i like it...good job

  15. looks great on u! i always stared at Lacura stand when i went to Aldi and wondered what could they possbily offer for 3 euros...it's amazing!

  16. I hesitate to write this since this product is usually sold out in my color. (beige) But it is an incredible foundation, possibly the best I have ever used. And as a makeup junkie, I've used them all. The texture is great, smooth and the perfect sheen. It doesn't sit on top of the skin like some other drug store brands. The smell is old school European, hey it's made in Germany! You will not go wrong with this--just leave some for me.

  17. as soon as i read this i went to aldi and bought two of shade 10! its really good - the smell isnt though..

    maybe give my blog a look?

  18. Hello, Kat! I just wanted to tell you that I mentioned your review in my latest post here. I hope that's okay.

  19. I already use the concealer pen - it's just like the touche eclat pen but about £20 cheaper and just as good - but I never thought about using their foundation. I will definitely be trying it on my pale skin with very pronounced dark circles as it sounds like it's capable of complete coverage. Thank you!

  20. I love this foundation, but Aldi have stopped stocking it! Been trying to get hold of it, but can't find it anywhere!!! Anyone know how I can get hold of some please?

  21. I have been using Aldi minerals make up for almost 2 years and wouldn`t use anything else. I am in my 70`s and it does wonders for my complexion. I wouldn`t use anything else and is so much cheaper than the better known brands. I use the darker colour but I also find it hard to get sometimes, usually only when they advertise it, that's when I buy two or three.

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