Free Glam Rocks Eye Palette when you spend £6 on 17 Cosmetics

This year was the first time in about a decade that I bought something from 17 Cosmetics, and let me just say, they've come a long way since I was in my teens! I adore Statuesque eye shadow and their Lipstick in Beehive, but I read that the Stay Matte powder was very pale and did a good job of mattifying oily skin, so I headed down to Boots pick some up, it costs £3.99 and I grabbed a blush in Plum Puff to take me up to £6 to get this lovely free palette...

I had a bit of a mission to track down the Plum Puff blush as it's a lovely shade and only £2.99. The palettes are going fast and probably very near the end of the offer, so if you want one move fast!

I love the shades and am very impressed by the pigmentation - they would work even better with a primer. My favourite shade is the middle one in the bottom row below.

I love the powder, the colour is perfect for my pale skin, the coverage is good and there's a really handy mirror in the lid of the very sturdy packaging. Not bad for £3.99!

 Plum Puff swatched.

What are your favourite 17 Cosmetics products? 


  1. Seems lovely and interesting.
    We have Boots here in Thailand, so we get 17 and other brands from Boots. I always love liquid foundation and loose powder from 17. Have not tried pressed powder ones. I also like their solo eyeshadows. There have new products, I will try them soon :D
    Thanks for the post!


  2. I was pretty chuffed with this little palette! I had to work with the purple a bit but the texture of it is lovely!

  3. Wow! And 6pounds buy is not a lot to have this pallette! Unfortunately, I wont be back in the Uk until next week, so maybe they will all be gone :(

  4. the palette seems really nice :) i quite wanted it, but i knew i'd just be buying products for the sake of it, however i'm even more tempted now!

  5. its really nice and rich color! i would like to order it but i couldnt find it to order in us. i am from california and where can i order it ?

  6. wow that palette is so beautiful <3

  7. Aww how come we don't have boots here? *sad face* We don't have many or any cosmetics from UK here (that I know of anyway) I would love to try some of the brands :) I love the middle color on the bottom row too...and the blush is pretty.


  8. Ooh lovely palette! Wonder if there will be any of these left by Tuesday......but I'm trying to stay out of Boots! My favourites from 17 are the Wild Curls mascara and Belle Mirror Shine lipstick. Until this year it had been about 10 years since I'd bought any 17, but I think they've really improved.

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  11. Dear Kat,
    I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award!

    xo Leah

  12. This is so pretty! I just discovered your blog and I love it!

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  13. Thanks nor the award Leah! xx


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