New Winter Coat

I know winter's almost over but...c'est l'amour...

I originally bought a lovely military style black wool coat from Next (it's not on their website any more) and I was pretty happy with it, but I had that niggling feeling that there was something better out there.  I had almost given up and ripped the tags off the Next coat when I spotted the one above in Oasis last Sunday and bought it on impulse and returned the Next one the next(!) day.  It was £130 reduced to £100, which I didn't think was much of a sale, but I did love it the extra £15 it cost over the Next one.  

This afternoon I logged onto the Oasis website to see it selling for £60! WTF?! So I made a quick dash over to the Oasis near work and sure enough I found it for £60 there too (and maybe a lovely navy dress too *cough*) so I bought it AGAIN! There's no way I'm spending £40 extra on the coat when I don't have to!  I'm going to return the one I bought today with the receipt for the one I'm wearing for £100.  It may not be ethical, but in the States, getting a rebate for something that gets reduced further a certain number of days after you bought it it standard practice.  Wish me luck!

It's still available to purchase in XS-M - all the Larges have sold out online but you may still be able to pick one up instore.

There are some other pretty coats in the Oasis sale and this black one is very similar to the Next one I returned, except not so flarey at the bottom.  It comes in red too and if they come down further I could be persuaded to buy ahead for next year!

I really adore this dress but I'm not sure how it would look on and its sold out in the stores near me.  I'm into long sleeve dresses at the moment!

And here is the 'magenta' dress I justified buying because of the £40 cashback I should be getting on the coast.  It was £30 in the sale and at least it's not black although it is a similar cut to one I already have, but hey, I try to stick to styles that flatter me rather than follow trends!

Do you know of any other good sales going on still?


  1. Omg i am in love with this dress and the coat, i am going to check them online now.

  2. That cost is gorgeous! I love the girly! Great buys.
    Zoe x
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  3. these are really cute! i like the black one over the red.

  4. amazing... all!!!!!! :-) you have an incredible style :-)

  5. Wishing you luck :-) What an awesome coat! I'm jealous...

  6. wow !! love the coat too!!

  7. Oooh, that coat is so you! very nice.

  8. That coat is so pretty! You have great taste! Please subscribe to my blog! I'm subscribing to yours now! Thanks!It'd mean a lot!


    Miss Nine West

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