Impulse Primark Haul

I popped into Primark last week to exchange something for my boyfriend, and it turned out to be an expensive errand!  I did need to pick up a pair of leggings (£3 and the slate colour I've been looking for) and a scarf and fascinator for my cruise, but didn't think I'd find them in Primani!  I also picked up a pair of indigo skinny jeans for £8.  Some of my best fitting jeans are from Primark and I have some from Miss Sixty which cost a fortune but look rubbish on.  I also grabbed some 80 denier body shaping tights for £3 when I'd already paid £6 in M&S for a similar pair.

Now, onto the accessories...

This pearl flower ring matches a pretty necklace I got from Primark about two months ago.  The diamonds will probably fall out within days, but it was only £2 and is nice a blingin' for Miami!

Now, how amazing is this flower fascinator for only £2?! There's a hair clip attached at the back, as well as a pin so you can wear it as a brooch.  I love it!

I love Blair Waldorf, and so, I love my hair bands!  Again this one was only £2 and I'd even wear it to work.

Again, this purple hair band was only £2 and will match the purple dress I plan to wear on the formal night of the cruise.

This is more in line with the fascinator I had my eye on at River Island, but only £3 instead of £15.  It does stand out quite a bit so I'll only wear it on very formal occasions.

I didn't know Primark had a line in false eyelashes, and they had some really fancy ones, but I passed them over as the quality didn't look great.  These look pretty natural and I'll give them a whirl on my cruise and let you know how I got on/take photos.  They cost £1.50, which is good for me as I only ever get one wearing out of falsies and Eyelure's are a bit pricey, if great quality.

And finally, my impulse impulse buy that I grabbed at the counter while I was paying for all the other stuff...Coco Cola Vanilla Lip Smacker! It actually tastes just like it (from what I remember Coke Vanilla to be like...come back!) and it very creamy.  It was £1.50 though, when I'd only expected it to be about 50p...there was no price on the tub ¬_¬ But hey, by that point I'd been spoilt by the other bargain basement prices!

I noticed some really pretty embellished jumpers and a couple of dresses caught my eye, but I am restricting my clothes purchases until I shift some chub :)


  1. The pearl ring is really pretty! :)

  2. We saw those at the Primark counter but I didn't realise it was Vanilla Coke!

  3. I have that lip balm too :D It's really yummy :P xxx

  4. coucou ils sont tous très beau c'est sert tete!

  5. Gorgeous haul! Really love the pearl jewellery and the scarf - very pretty indeed :) Havent tried the jeans from Primark yet but I keep meaning to cos I adore LOADS of their every day tops and they're actually pretty good quality

    Kinda regret not picking up one of those lip balms at the counter! There were Coke, Fanta and Sprite ones in my local store but the £1.50 price tag put me off (how cheap does that make me sound?!) cos I'd already picked up loads of stuff I didnt actually need ♥

  6. @All Made Up - my favourite pair of jeans is a very dark indigo pair with gold stitching - I know it sounds really tacky but they aren't really and they fit beautifully - or did before I put on a couple of stone! Don't regret the lipbalm too much - I haven't really been reaching for mine very much, and agree that £1.50 is a bit much in relation to other Primark prices!

  7. The lipbalm is quite a bargain; they sell the vanilla one in claires for £2.50! I bought the cherry one; tastes amazing and smells fab! xx


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