Miami Haul Overview

Since I asked for your help with shopping list ideas for my recent trip to Miami I thought I might as well show you what I picked up.  I'll be reviewing the make up/beauty bits individually once I have the chance to try them all out properly.

So the stores I managed to visit were: Khiel's,Victoria's Secret, MAC, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, CVS, Walgreens and my favourite - Ulta.  I also went to Anthropologie, Bath and Body Works and Forever XXI but didn't get anything from them.

Sadly I didn't manage to find a Taco Bell.

There was a Sephora, Victoria's Secret and MAC two blocks from my hotel in Miami Beach...heaven!

From Sephora:

From Ulta:  
The UK needs Ulta!:
The CHI products, Stila palette and OPI set were all impulse buys, but the rest were on my list.  I can't wait to try out the Spin Pins.

I also picked up this 3-way lighted mirror from Ulta, it was in the clearance section for $23.99.  It made my suitcase so heavy!

From Victoria's Secret:
I wasn't very impressed that the price of VS stuff Stateside is pretty much in line for what they charge in the UK ...I was hoping for some big savings!  I was SO annoyed that I didn't wait to make my purchases on Black Friday as I could have got a really nice free tote bag :(

From Abercrombie & Fitch:
I normally don't like their clothes, but this hoodie top is a thin material and unbelievably soft.  I also got Fierce, which I know is a man's cologne, but I really like it and it's the scent they have wafting around their shop.  I hope I don't get funny looks when I wear it!

From CVS Pharmacy:
I was delighted to find the Milani stand and grab their infamous Luminous blush.  I also picked up one of their lipglosses which looks like a good dupe for MAC Nymphette.  We have Milani in Westfield London but their stand is hardly ever stocked up.  We also have N.Y.C in London but their SoftSkin Bronzer in Sunny is one product which never made it across the pond.  I'm excited to try the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 30 face cream as it seemed to sink in really fast and not leave an icky layer.  The best bits of course are the peanut butter M&Ms and the Hazelnut flavour Coffee-mate. Yum!

From Khiel's:
I have lusted after the Avocado Eye Treatment ever since I saw Lollipop26's YT review on it, and I got it for about £17 which is much less than in the UK.  I've also never tried the famous Creme de Corps, so I picked up a mini bottle.

From MAC:
I actually planned to pick up a few brushes at Heathrow as with the tax off they worked out a lot cheaper than the US prices (which are only £1.50 ish per brush cheaper).  As usual T5 was not stocked up, and so I  couldn't get the 168 or 109 :( So in the US I got the 168 when I picked up a back up of Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick.  I'm so disappointed MAC are discontinuing it in Feb 2011 :(

I had a great cheeseburger and Passionfruit Daquiri at the News Cafe on Ocean Drive and kept the souvenir cup, and the shopping at the airport was unbelievably disappointing, so all I got was this tacky, but cute, photo frame:

I never made it up to Saw Grass Mills as it was too far from the airport, and I didn't want to deal with Black Friday madness with a massive suitcase! But I did get up to Aventura Mall, which was fabulous!


  1. Very nice haul! Do you like Sexy Little Things Noir? I am dying to try it!

  2. Great haul.. Love all the Victoria Secrets thing and the hoodie! :) I have those Ecotools brushes on my christmas list.. I hope they're good! x

  3. Love the haul, I was excited to see what you got!

    No Taco Bell, geez... well, you weren't missing much :)

    Are you planning to review the vanity mirror? I am interested in buying one!

  4. I introduced you to the Hazelnut coffee mate when we did LA! It's heaven!! Where are my goodies!?!?!

    I'm at 92 subs!! 8 more by the end of tomorrow to hit 100! Whooooo!!! xoxo

  5. Great haul :) I wish they had an Ulta in Ireland too :)

  6. got a lot of stuff :D I would be very happy ^__^ Great haul!! Tons of exciting stuff...


  7. How great is shopping in the US?? I am very lucky and have a great friend you is also a beauty addict and she picks a lot of things up for me and ships them via UPS. I still miss out on all the UK brands though :(

  8. wow, lucky girl...i live in london as well, regents park, not that far away. u should do a meetup!!! i would love to meet u !!!!!!!! it would be soo much fun
    my blog is

  9. Sorry to only be replying now!
    @Noir - I LOVE Sexy Little Things Noir, the only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have great staying power.
    @Cydonian - Don't laugh but I really do like Taco Bell! When I was in LA my friend and I drove around for 2 hours looking for one! I'll definitely do a review of the vanity mirror once I find my adaptor for the US plug - forgot all about that - doh!
    @Eyelining - I'll do a review on the eye cream once I've had a chance to try it out a bit.
    @Superficial Sydney = I need to get a friend like that!
    @Perdi - Regents Park area is lovely, if I could live anywhere in London it would be there! Maybe when the weather warms up!

    Kat x

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