Thomas Sabo Feather Jewellery - Pretty but Pricey

'Twas love at first sight.  I was wandering around Westfield waiting for himself to finish work when I spotted this beauty twinkling at me, and what can I say? It spoke to me.

However, it's stupidly over priced for what it is.  Okay so it's sterling silver, but I can get beautiful, massive sterling silver pendants from Portobello market for less than £30.   There were no prices in the shop window, and I can only find a legit Thomas Sabo website which gives the price in Euros: €298.

Um. Yeah.  

The piece is described as such: the feather heart stands for total faith in true love and the willingness to protect it.  Awww.  There's a smaller version of it too, which I actually think is nicer and more wearable for €198.  Still gulping.

It would go through my heart (ho ho!) to pay that considering the 'Amethyst' is not even real but 'Amethyst-coloured synthetic zirconia' and Marcasite is cheap as chips normally.  And it doesn't even come with a chain.  It's beautiful but I'll hopefully spot a rip-off version on the high street or Portobello, and please let me know if you've spotted anything similar elsewhere!

I like the whole feather theme Thomas has going on, and this pendant is cute too, and guess what? only €179!

I also like the look of these earrings, but can't decide if they're just too tacky.  Again they're a snip at €149 - for synthetic garnet.  Now I know there's loads of other jeweller's out there charging even higher prices for less craftsmanship (*cough* Tiffany's), but I really think the stones used should be real as Amethyst and Garnet are only semi-precious and inexpensive anyway.  So what you're paying for is the 'brand', but I didn't think TS was that prestigious.  Okay, I'll stop complaining now!

So...some pretty bits from Thomas Sabo, but I'll wait for cheaper dupes to come onto the market, or a lottery win!


  1. Those are all so gorgeous, but I agree with you on the pricing.

  2. They are gorgeous, especially the one with the purple heart, but it doesn't warrant paying that much! Now, if you got it as a present from someone,then that's grand heheLovelyGirlieBits

  3. oooh, these are beautiful!!
    I really love the amethyst necklace, I havent bene on the thomas sabo website for a while, and this has just prompted me to go have a look, the christmas list will be getting longer!!

  4. Not even real amethyst?!!! Pffft! You should try looking on gothic jewellery websites for something like the first one.

  5. @Robyn - I know! You can get big rocks of Amethyst at Portobello market for a few quid! Granted their not cut and polished to this extent, but still... I did have a look online for something similar and found some decent copies on eBay, but I will have a look at gothic jewellery websites like you say as I really like this style, any recs?

  6. I really like beading! And I really like the concept of creating interchangeable Jewelry items, especially necklaces and bracelets. What a cool idea!



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