November Freebies :)

There's a good bit of free stuff out there this November that's worth taking advantage of in the run up to Christmas which always breaks the bank!
Clinique are offering a free custom-fit foundation consultation and a mini High Impact Mascara.  You can sign up for this and future promotions HERE.  I tried the Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Make up in Alabaster (thank god cosmetics companies are waking up to the fact that not everyone likes to look orange).  It's okay but I don't love it.  The colour match was pretty good but it looked a bit patchy on - sorry I don't have a pic!  I definitely wouldn't spend £20+ for it since I don't have problem skin, and cheaper foundations like Bourjois Healthy Mix look leagues better on.

I quite like the sample of High Impact Mascara I received.  It's not dried up like samples often can be and the brush is full-sized.  I definitely wouldn't call it 'high impact', for that you need to check out Lancome Hypnose Drama.  But I like it for everyday work lashes.

The other day I blogged about the free sample of No7 foundation currently available at Boots.  I've used it four days straight now and although the colour is a good match, I wouldn't buy it personally.  Even though I have very oily skin it looked to dry on me (see photo above), especially on the nose and the area between my eyebrows.  It lasts for a working day without need for much touching up.  I'm hoping that No7 release an Alabaster shade for their Protect & Perfect foundation range and then we'd be talking!

However I would suggest trotting along to the No7 counter as you may be matched with a different foundation and the little jar is pretty handy for travels!

At the beginning of October I applied for a free sample of Radiance by Britney Spears here: and it arrived last week.  It's only a little tube but I love these to throw in my bag for work or a night out.  I'll throw my hands up and say it: I like it! Check out my post about it here for a fuller description.

I read about the launch of Calvin Klein's new perfume ' Beauty' over at last month and Lisamarie was kind enough to post me a couple of samples of it all the way to London!  It's very sophisticated but fresh, and quintessentially 'CK'.  The bottle is very pretty too and I think it will be my summer perfume of 2011!

Click here to see swatches of the Nail Inc. polishes free in Glamour Magazine out now (Charlotte Church on the front).

What freebies have you come across this month?!


  1. I also got many of these freebies :)I have to admit I love the Clinique mascara. :)


  2. Hey, when you go State side grab me on of those VS gift sets that come in those nice bags which you can use going out. You know what I'm talking about, one like this:
    Or that one! I love that scent! I bought the mini of it when we went that time, it's lovely! And the bag is gorgeous. Might be too big to lug all the way back though! If anything just grab me that perfume and anything else which you think is cute. I'll give you some $$ before you go x

  3. Gad you are liking it Kat - here's another gift for you:

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. @Angel - Dream Angel? I'm not so sure it's a good scent, didn't you like Sexy VIP or something? Their best perfumes out now are Wish Pink and Sexy Little Things Noir - LUSH! They often have little rollerballs or small bottles of the perfumes, so maybe a selection?

  5. Thanks Lisamarie! It's a cool award :) x

  6. wow, thats a lot of awesome freebies! I wasnt too impressed with Cliniques anti-blemish solutions either and unfortunately I splashed out £20 on it :(

    I already wear Fantasy by Britney Spears cos it's all sweet and yummy so I#m looking forward to trying Radiance :)

  7. Lots of freebies! Fragrance smells gorgeous, but I'm not sure if I want to buy the full size bottle or not... hmmm...

  8. I want to try out Radiance but they don't ship outside the UK :(
    And I agree with you on Calvin Klein's new fragrance. It will be everywhere next summer. But my favorite will always be CK One :)

  9. @Noir - ah, my teenage years were defined by CK One, and CK Be, was also a favourite :)

  10. Yeah you know what sort of stuff I like. Mini perfumes, VS lounge wear (shorts, vests, etc). When are you going?


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