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My jewellery storage has been through many incarnations, but I think I've finally found a lasting solution: clear perspex boxes from Muji.

Pretty jewellery boxes with fancy opening mechanisms and hidden compartments are all well and good if you don't have that many bits, but with the likes of Primark, Boots, Superdrug, Peacocks, etc. churning out fabulous bling for a couple of quid, my collection has exploded!

I don't have time to regularly organise my jewellery or to root through it all for the piece I need on busy mornings.  The Muji boxes are great because you can see what you need before you open them! In fact, I think they nicked my idea as before I discovered them I stored my earrings and rings in empty flat Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes as the little compartments were perfect for keeping everything separate and organised!  However they looked so tacky I kept them hidden under my dressing table rather than on it!

The Muji boxes aren't the prettiest pieces to adorn your dressing table, but their utilitarian quality outweighs this.

I have two different types and stack them as the bottom one is just a pull-out drawer:

The two-tiered box has a pull-out drawer and a lift up lid.  It's £13.95 and you can check out this one here.When I bought it I thought it was daylight robbery for a plastic box, but it's been so useful I don't regret the cost at all now.

In both boxes the inner compartments can be completely rearranged to suit the sizes that you need.   

I keep rings and the bits I wear most often in the top compartment and earrings and pendants in the bottom.

I keep larger pieces and watches in the bigger box.  This one cost £11.95 and you can order it from here.

How the large one looks empty:

All pulled out:

I still keep a few bits of costume jewellery that I hardly ever wear in another box, but I'm thinking of picking up a few more of the larger flat boxes to stack and have all my bling in one place!

The downside to storing your jewellery in this way is that it's more exposed to the air, so cheap metals and silver oxidise and discolour faster than if stored in a more air-tight box.  At least you can clean silver, but your cheap bling from Primark will 'go bad' quicker.

Click here to see the full range of Muji jewellery boxes. 

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  1. you have some gorgeous jewellery! I really want something like this for my bits and pieces

  2. Great idea, they don't sell anything like it in Slovenia. Am definately checking Muji out.

  3. so jealous of your jewellery collection! these boxes are a great way of keeping this organised and tidy =) xx

  4. Gorgeous bits and pieces! I lost a lot, a lot, a lot of my costume jewellery when I moved to Canada *grump*

  5. I love how organised this is!! I am going to invest in a few of this boxes, thanks for sharing xx

  6. That's a really neat storage thingy! I have all of my earrings and bracelets laid out on an Alice in Wonderland print tray (it's supposed to be for serving tea, I think) but they slide around :3 I may have to look for one of these.

  7. I stole your idea when I came round that time.. bought the little box.

  8. That looks soooo cool !! I love organization ideas! :) x

  9. you have a lovely collection! :) a muji store just opened here and i went to see it on the second day. i spotted the clear jewelry case, too, but thought, at the price, i may as well get those pretty jewelry tree things.


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