Free Nails Inc. with December's Glamour Magazine

Yet another nail varnish magazine give away that I had every intention of resisting (I'm looking at you Maire Claire & Ciate ¬_¬) but got to the shop and broke down...

December's Glamour magazine, with Charlotte Church (love her make up) on the cover comes with one of four Nails Inc. polishes: Jermyn Street, Saville Row, Hampstead Heath and I don't know the name of the fourth but it is a light baby pink which probably goes on very sheer.  I have a very similar one to it called South Molton Street which I picked up with a previous Glamour mag.

I mainly had my eye on Jermyn Street.  It's like a more intense version of 'London' which was one of the free Diet Coke promotion shades.  It's a taupe-greyish-brown.   Compared:

Hampstead Heath reminds me a lot of Picadilly Circus which Glamour gave away around this time last year, it's a dark red raspberry colour.

Saville Row is a dark black cherry/purple colour, I wish I'd had it for Halloween!  Dark shades don't often work with my pale freckled skin, but this one does.

Each polish is worth £11 each and Glamour is £2, so that's a nice little saving.  I wouldn't fork out full price for Saville Row or Hampstead Heath, but would for Jermyn Street.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - I LOVE Nails Inc., let me extol its wonders:

* Fabulous colour range and very beautiful and non-tacky shades.
* Great quality of brush (unlike MAC polishes)
* Very fast drying
* Chips the least of any other brand I've tried
* Two coats and your DONE: beautiful opaque, almost 'plastic' looking coverage
* Glossy finish
* Love the branding - I love London and all it's places
* Sleek and stylish bottle design
* I have a some bottles which are a couple of years old and they haven't gone gloopy.


  1. Deffffffo picking these up tomorrow :) Went to my local newsagents this evenin and nary a glamour mag to be found so gotta widen the search tomorrow!LovelyGirlieBits

  2. I had a bit of a mission for Jermyn Street, but got lucky in Tescos which had them all :)

  3. ooh gonna get jermyn street and warwick avenue tomorroww:)x

  4. Never tried Saville Row. Have to see if I can find Saville Row.

  5. Saville Row looks gorgeous! <3

  6. i got warwick avenue, couldn't find jermyn street anywhere!

  7. i got jermyn street and LOVE it! such a great way to try colours too you might not have tried before xx

  8. Such a nice freebie, I'm jealous!! lol x

  9. OMG I wish they would do this in the States!!! Great marketing idea...I would buy all three too!!

  10. How strange, I got that exact Glamour but got a different shade! I got the shade Warwick Avenue which is a pretty pink!


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