What's In my Travel Make-Up Bag II?

Considering that I went to Greece for two weeks in September I was very restrained in my make up packing, but then again it was very beachy and we travelled round quite a bit so I needed to travel as light as possible. But as I'm going to Miami (will be on a plane when this posts) and onto a cruise ship, my make up routine will be a lot more involved, as I like to do dramatic eyes for night.

A lot of the old favourites are coming with, but this time I'm bringing two Sleek eye shadow palettes; Storm for day and Bad Girl for night instead of the UD Naked Palette. I've got three different types of foundation too, and will probably finish the No7 Stay Perfect sample and Bourjois Healthy Mix while I'm there. My Prescriptives mineral foundation, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil, Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara and Amber Rose lipstick are on their last legs too, so it's turning out to be a bit of a Project 10 Pan!

I love having a nose at what other people take on hols, so here's the contents of my make up bag:

All squished into here:

And I had to sneek some eyeliners and pencils into my brush roll as they just wouldn't fit into the bag and I refuse to take a larger one!

No doubt I will buy about this much make up while I'm there if I find a Sephora and CVS!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything!


  1. Well I see I'm not the only one who wants a lot of makeup options while I am on vacation! :)
    Have a great time!

  2. I love reading this type of post! Some good selections for travel! :)

  3. Haha you have more make up in your travel bag than I have in my whol make up collection! :P It's always good to be prepared though!

  4. I'm staying at Mark's mums tonight so I'm gonna try do an overnight bag video and an outfit of the day.

    I have about as much make up as you have here, for just one night away!

  5. Wow a cruise, I'm so jealous! x3 I usually take my entire makeup collection all stuffed into a big travel bag, just in case I "need something" or want to get creative. And I never end up using more than a few items haha. But I don't travel by plane hardly ever, so there's nothing to restrain me.. lol. Have a nice holiday!

  6. i love reading what other ppl bring on their vacation!! haha i'm glad i'm not the only one who brings a lot XD Do you use the Benefit Georgia as an overall powder or a blush?? I have it but it doesn't show up on me :(

    congrats on your soon-to-be project 10 pan :D!! hurray!!! (I never finish anything...LOL)

    Show us your haul from Sephora when you're back ^_^



  8. nice post - i love seeing other girl's collections! have a fun & safe cruise hun & buy tons of new makeup for a back home haul! <3

  9. I HAVE THE SAME PRIMER AND FOUNDATION!! (Jeez, I got a wee bit over excited there!) your whole collection looks great - I'm loving all the sleek stuff at the min. Whats the MAC VV thing? I didnt get anything from the collection so I'm always really interested to see what other people got and whether or not it was any good! :)

  10. Wow your brush bag is super cute!

  11. I love reading such posts :) You chose some great things :)


  12. @Jennifer - it's so light that I just use it as an all over face powder and it's great for setting liquid foundation. It doesn't show up much as a blush, but gives you an overall glow.
    @All Made Up - it's the mineral eyeshadow called 'My Dark Magic' - I posted about it back in October if you want to check out what it looks like. It makes a fabulous purple smokey eye. I love that primer and foundation too!

    Kat x


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