Garnier Goodies: Youthful Radiance and Tinted Eye Roll-On

A few weeks ago I gave into the raves and went hunting for the Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-on.  I should have known better but I never learn...drugstore 'fair skin tone' descriptions are not talking about your MAC NC 10 -15 types of fair tones, more like NC20-25.  Which in my opinion, is not fair!

Faring better is the Youthful Radiance Night cream, which has a bit of a gel consistency to it.  This I'm in love with as it's not to greasy and heavy on my oily skin and doesn't irritate my skin or around my eyes in the slightest despite containing caffeine and fruit acids.  It smells divine, a fresh fruit zing that I want to lick.

After the first roll I knew the tint was far to dark for my undereye, but I must say it is extremely soothing and refreshing to apply. Now that I'm getting on a bit in the morning my eyes feel and look like two pissholes in the snow (thanks Frank McCourt!) so it's really nice to smooth on. I prefer the feeling of the tinted one to the original un-tinted one, it just feels cooler for some reason. If you can be bothered store it in the fridge and it will be even cooler and this will help reduce puffiness and vasoconstrict the blood vessels to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

It goes on kind of light but then... dries to this and it's Oompa Loompa time :( 

I can get away with it if I cover the yellowness up with a lighter concealer, like Sleek's Luminaire in L01 or my MAC Studio Fix NC15.  But it just adds another step to my already fraught morning routine.  

However, if you are NC/NW20-25 I highly recommend this as the coverage is pretty darn good considering the thin consistency.  If you have fine lines around your eyes you may also prefer this to a heavier concealer which would settle into them.


I got both these Garnier goodies for around £12 in a Boots deal, can't see online if it's still on, but it was one of those they regularly run. I probably wouldn't have bought the night cream if not for the offer, but am very glad I did.

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  1. Your eye make up looks gorgeous here - really brings out your blue eyes! Which products did you use, if you don't mind me asking?! x

  2. I have and love the roll on.It has saved me from a sleepless face situation many many times.

  3. @Rhiannon - thanks, I took the snaps a few weeks ago so my memory is rusty, but I think e/s was Urban Decay Sin and I used a teal Rimmel eyeliner to give a pop of colour under my bottom lashes x

    @Ria - I just wish it was lighter, but glad it works for you! x

  4. hey Kat, i'm pretty sure they now have it in very fair shade...send me your address I'll post you it (

  5. oh, i didnt know garnier has a tinted eye roll on. we dont have it down here. but it is cool, i wonder if it fits medium skin tones

  6. i have the tined eye roller and i love it! feels great under my eyes in the morning!!

  7. I am such a garnier fan with there moisturizer. Do you think the roller could replace concealer for under the eyes if you had the right color?

  8. The night cream sounds gorgeous, I've tried the day version of that and it's lovely, really cooling and light.

  9. @Rania - thanks that's very kind of you but I'm pretty sure I got the lightest shade! Maybe one of your friends can use it?

    @DeBi - they do a range of shades, so they definitely will have one to suit a medium skin tone.

    @LovelyMissMakeup - I agree, it does feel divine

    @Lei's Closet - that would depend on how much discolouration you have under your eyes. As I said, I think the coverage is quite good for such a thin formulation, but if you have pretty dark under eye circles then you would need something with a little more coverage

    @missy-ellie-uk - I must try the day one next, it would really sooth my angry skin in the morning!

    Kat xx

  10. The tinted roll on is an interesting idea, but it sucks when concealers are too dark.

  11. oh it's not i had one lying around (not clued up enough to use concealers), im currently working at Loreal hence my access to some freebies :) offer still stands, will check it out tomorrow in the office

  12. i have the tinted roll on too and it works pretty well for me, i wake up so early in the morning with my eyes so puffed, it covers my dark circles and reduces the puffiness, i love using it :)

  13. I have never liked this product because it feigns so many people into thinking it does something special when the ingredients are very similar to a Natural Collection concealer. It's just a concealer really which can 'reduce the appearances of dark circles' because it basically covers them brainer!
    Your eye makeup is flawless here, I adore your lashes!

  14. Yup I was right, Garnier released a very light shade back in Jan this year, and just recently a dark shade too. would like me to send you one, i have it on my desk...!


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